Did you catch the feature I Just Know What I Like in this month’s issue? Or, my editor’s letter? If so, you might want more, or already know that I was going to give it to you. Now that the February Art Issue is officially out, I have a Q&A with the artists of the I Just Know What I like that I’m going to put up on the blog over the next week. There’s 7 questions, so check back every day to see them all.

Today’s question from 303 Magazine: Where does urban art or street art fit into the larger picture of art in the world?

EVAN MANN: It is a product of urban culture; it is as valid as any other form of art. (click here to read more about Mann in I Just Know What I Like.)

Evan Mann, photo by Melanie Watson

Evan Mann

MICHAEL ENSMINGER: It fits in no more or less than other mediums. To the degree that, as a culture, we are retreating more and more from the nitty-gritty of “reality” and experiencing everything from a screen, it may be diminishing, except to the extent that it is shown on those screens. (click here to read more about Ensminger in I Just Know What I like.)

Michael Ensminger

Michael Ensminger

JASON THIELKE: Overall, it’s the natural progression after pop art. I give Andy Warhol street art credit, even though he never actually did it. His philosophy, however, started the street art movement. Contemporarily speaking, it’s hard to say. Museums seem to be scarmbling to figure out what’s going on, especially in the past four or five years, things are changing constantly, and right now, street art seems to be the growing trend of art. (click here to read more about Thielke in I Just Know What I like.)

Jason Thielke

Jason Thielke

Tomorrow’s question: What constitutes being a successful artist?

– Laura Standley, Editor in chief

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