She's obviously thinking about sex...

Sex…it’s on everyone’s mind, it hovers above us–a more than once daily occurrence. They say men think about sex every seven seconds: Recently, The Odd Couple, poured their energy into creating 303 Magazine‘s first ever sex feature. Sure, the task seems simple enough, right? There’s plenty to talk about, fetishes, bondage and dildos oh my…not so much.

Several brainstorms, a few outlines and one grueling meeting that lead us nowhere, here we are again. How can creating a sex feature be so difficult? In my recent issue of GQ, they explored the “mourning of porn”(or something of that nature), I was so disgusted when I saw it, I opted not to read it but rather thumb past. Add to that my constant subscription to Cosmopolitan (which we all know is only about sex) and I’m left baffled and confused.

If one publication can find a way to write about sex every month, ONE three-thousand word sex feature would seem simple and mindless to them, but for us (or at least this half of The Odd Couple), it’s exhausting, so much so that even writing about it is causing unintentional added stress.

This endless chatter of our sex feature is gnarly (love that word). From what should we talk about, how far can we push the envelope and ultimately what do our readers (the most important group of people) want to see. Thoughts, anyone?

If it were up to me alone, sex would never be discussed again. With my own sex life teetering on the blah side of life (I know TMI), I will be more than thrilled when this task is over. Maybe someday I will take my other half’s recent advice and take up Zumba-ing, but for now I would rather just curl up and feel sorry for myself while I chug down my box of wine and thumb through Cosmo.