Closet Case

Welcome to fashion Fridays! For this initial entry, I wanted to write about a fashion ritual in which all clotheshorses partake. The dreaded closet reorganization.

It’s the start of a new year and I’m ready to start fresh and to cleanse the chaos in my world. That typically starts with my swelled closet. As I start my closet cleaning, I recklessly chuck items in a “sell” or “donate” pile. “Nope, haven’t worn that in awhile.” “Ehh, not really into it anymore.” “Yep, tags still on, but over it.”

And then I stop for a minute. I see the top I wore when my now-fiance proposed to me. And the jeans I wore on my international backpacking voyage. And the dress I wore to my first big job interview. These aren’t just “cute” material things I picked up along my yellow brick road; they are treasures that mark significant life events. So, while I’m usually quick to hastily toss a top or discard a dress, this year I’m more reflective. I’m not saying I’m going to store every clothing item that I’ve ever worn in a memorable moment and harp on nostalgia, but I am  going to take the time to really value the garment and why it was special before dropping it off at the good ol’ Goodwill.

In the end, the first interview dress got the boot – mostly due to limited space. The top from my marriage proposal will remain in my closet, as it’s relevant in fashion. The jeans from my backpacking adventure are a new level of distressed, but too sentimental to dispose of right now…maybe soon I’ll relinquish them to a future traveler.

Sometimes you have to give something away. Sometimes you have to hold on to it. And sometimes you have to realize when you have treasures in your chest.

Case closed.

  1. Someone’s been reading my mind…;) smack dab in the middle of this right now. It’s especially difficult for a performer, whose job often depends on having the purrfect costume at the purrfect moment.

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