Why 2018 Was a Huge Year For Art in Denver

While Denver has been known for its proximity to the mountains, the Broncos and an overwhelming amount of bearded men, the past year has shifted that status so the Mile High City might just become one of the cu...

[PHOTOS] – What You Missed from CRUSH 2018

For the ninth year, the street art festival CRUSH reinvented RiNo with a whole new cast of characters on the walls. Throughout the past week, over 70 artists spent countless hours painting, stenciling, wheatpas...
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Moving Pictures: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Spoiling the plot of this documentary would be a crime more severe than the supposed vandalism it depicts, but, rest assured, it's a reel doozie. The cast includes Shepard Fairy, most famous for the Obama stencil he's allegedly being sued over, Banksy (whose mysterious identity remains intact) and a number of other notable graf artists including Space Invader and LA-based newcomer Mr. Brainwash, who was recently commissioned to do a Warhol-like piece for one of the biggest pop artists on the planet.