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Carpe Noctem: Halloweekend 2011

Role playing is an essential component of human behavior. Hollywood actors get paid big bucks for a good reason. If babies start as blank slates, trying on personas is how they figure out who the eff to be wh...

Hindsight: Got Bass Free Show @ Beta

There's no denying the hugeness of bass music right now. If Jesus Christ returned to Earth next Thursday, dubstep would probably crush him in a battle. The genre's popularity obviously helps sell mad tickets,...

Holidaze: 4/20 411

Despite myriad health benefits and massive tax revenue, Uncle Sam could technically take a weed whacker to our country's rapidly growing medical marijuana industry at any moment. That fact obviously doesn't...
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NocturnOwl: Dubsteppin’ into the Mainstream

In last week's Music Monday blog, I mentioned Rolling Stone's “Dance Takeover” mini-feature. Black-Eyed Peas producer David Guetta kicks off the section and LCD Soundsystem scores the majority of ink, but half of one page is dedicated to “Fresh Beats”, a chart-like breakdown of popular emerging electronica genres or “Clubland's Latest Sounds”. Dubstep sits at number two on the list. Duh.