Beta's Funktion-One does dubstep justice

There’s no denying the hugeness of bass music right now. If Jesus Christ returned to Earth next Thursday, dubstep would probably crush him in a battle. The genre’s popularity obviously helps sell mad tickets, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for smart business models. Enter Got Bass. The relatively new promotion company’s signature “Got Bass Free Show” has quickly proven its ability to draw in a competitive arena. Not charging a cover might not sound like a lucrative plan on the surface, but it’s not that simple. Got Bass Free Shows are only free for patrons of legal drinking age—before a certain cutoff hour. Under-agers and latecomers still pay. And the bar still makes money slinging liquor. It’s a win-win for all involved. Beta’s first time hosting featured scene stalwarts Ishe, Mle and surprise headliner J. Rabbit. Not to mention fairly elaborate production for a Wednesday night. And schoolgirls. The bottom line? Beta’s Funktion-One sound system does dubstep justice.