8/25/2016 – 8/27/2016 – High Plains Comedy Festival 2016 @ Denver, CO

Returning for the fourth year, High Plains Comedy Festival brought a fine selection of comedians to South Broadway and the Paramount Theater this weekend, delivering laughs with every performance. With live tapings, game shows, rap battles, improv stand-up and more, High Plains represented a broad spectrum of comedy that pleased just about every demographic. Of course, there were some topics that kept cropping up—like weed jokes, the income inequality between men and women and (parents, cover your children’s eyes) dick jokes. Yes, those were in full force this weekend and the audiences could not get enough. 303 Magazine checked out the busy scene and gathered some highlights for those of you who missed out on the laughs. One thing is for certain—Denver appreciates good comedy and is willing to come out in numbers to support it. Photography by Cori Anderson and Brittany Werges