This Week In Concerts — Jungle, Ice Cube, Owie, Helmet, The Big Wu and More

It’s a fabulous week here in Denver, and as we enjoy one of the state’s favorite holidays we’ve got tons of smokin’ hot shows to attend in celebration.

Slick British funk outfit Jungle is bringing the fire to Red Rocks on 4/17, with Neil Frances building the foundation for a fantastic evening. If that’s not enough dancing for you and your crew, the party continues at the Ogden Theatre as Jungle and Neil handle their own afterparty duties, with the addition of Fred Fancy keeping the club going on a Wednesday.

For the local flavor this week, phenomenal house producer Owie will headline 1134 Broadway on 4/19. He’ll have Ayetray and Lovell warming the speakers prior to his performance, and the dance floor is sure to be lit all night long.

Hip-hop legend Ice Cube will headline Red Rocks on 4/19, and rap royalty like The Game, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Living Legends will be in attendance as well. This will undoubtedly be a show for the ages.

The rest of this week’s shows are below. Get out there and celebrate properly this weekend, and as always, stay in the know about Denver’s music scene with 303 Magazine!


1134 Broadway




The Black Box

4/19—MLOTIK with Sunken Frequencies and Dream Pusha B2B Dapolitiks

4/20—The Scientist with Badbwoy BMC and Adam Hester

4/23—Skream with SGT Pokes and Special Guests

The Black Box Lounge

4/18—Smoke A:M with PRĀNĀ, Fauhx and Staggs

4/19—Brotha Nature with D:Form, Migee and Dunx

4/20—Electronic Tuesdays vs. Sub.mission Residents

4/23—Jackie Rhoades with Blood Klotz and iloveMateo

The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues

4/21—Destroyer of Light with Cryptic Witch

The Bluebird Theater

4/18—Bemdigo Fletcher with Bats

4/20—Shadowgrass with Jake Leg

4/21—Dead Poet Society


4/23—No Vacation with Luna Li

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

4/18—Collie Buddz with Arise Roots and Lola Rising

4/19—Wiz Khalifa with Earthgang and Chevy Woods

4/20—The Game with DJ QUick, Trayce Chapman and Affliction Music

4/22—Connor Price

Collie Buddz

Cervantes’ Other Side

4/18—SHiFT ft. Rendr with Cut Rugs, Knetica and VRPL

4/19—Dark Side Of The Moon

4/20—Dizzy Wright with Lane-O, Chris Cart3r, Resrface and Isaiah Michael Davis

4/21—Denver Minifest

The Church

4/18—Freaky X JPhelpz

4/19—DJ Seinfeld

Club Vinyl

4/19—Bass Ops: Gram Greene

4/20—Dillon Nathaniel


4/17—Missions Ministries

4/18—Kenny Garrett and Sounds from the Ancestors (2 Shows)

4/18—Piano Lounge: Jack Hadley

4/19—Sister City Music Session

4/19—Kenny Garrett and Sounds from the Ancestors (2 Shows)

4/19—Piano Lounge: Tenia Nelson


4/20—Gabriel Santiago Project feat. Janek Gwizdala

4/20—Piano Lounge: Delta Sonic Duo

4/21—Harmony In Rhymes

4/21—Bobby Bennett


4/23—Denver South High School Jazz Combo

Globe Hall

4/17—John-Robert with Zoë Coz and Plain Faraday

4/18—Kevin Supina Band with IKIGAI and Olivia Roumel

4/19—Ella Red with Grace DeVine and Porcelain Twin

4/2o—Kassi Valazza with Chris Acker

4/21—Jesse Daniel with Brit Taylor

Goosetown Tavern

4/19—Jaguar Stevens with Kamen Ross

4/20—Parabolic Murmur with The Pretty Shabbies and Sound Counsel

The Gothic Theatre

4/17—The Mountain Goats with Katy Kirby

4/18—Helmet with Cro-Mags

4/19—Insomnium with Omnium Gatherum and Wilderun

4/20—Old 97’s with Holler Choir

4/23—Giant Rooks with Friedberg

The Grizzly Rose

4/23—Diamond Rio


4/17—Hump Day Funk Jam

4/18—Dave Randon Trio

4/19—Mile High Groove

4/20—Mile High Groove

4/21—Venus Cruz

4/22—Monday Night Jazz

4/23—B3 Jazz Jam

Herman’s Hideaway

4/19—Barroom Blitz

4/20—Big Smeez Treez

4/21—The Props with Kapei and Cloud Rovers

4/23—Kirkos with Jawa and Patrick Harvey


4/17—R.A.P. Ferreira with Psalm One and Damn Selene

4/18—MF Ruckus with The Omens, Satanic Panic, Hell Tupet, The Fauxs, Donnie Velez and Officer Down

4/19—Mean Jeans with Colfax Speed Queen, Scott Yoder, Solid State Radio, Cleaner, Black Mambas, Flight Kamikaze, Nico Bones, Sweet Nothin’ and Adult Toys

4/20—Green Druid with Palehorse/Palerider and Voight

4/21—Munly & The Lupercalians with Josephine Foster

4/22—Sheer Mag with Cleaner, Flora de la Luna and DJs Glimmer of Nope

4/22—Witch Vomit with Phobophilic, Casket Huffer and Cronos Compulsion

4/23—Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers with Flesh Tape and Deth Rali

Larimer Lounge

4/17—Meatbodies with The Crooked Rugs and The New Creep

4/18—Syence with Chance Meridian and Jamesik

4/18—Treehouse DJ Set: Dave Nada with Sinistarr, WaxAddix, Nikka T and Special Guests

4/19—Open House ft. Pauline Herr, Clubaction and Odd Encounter

4/19—Treehouse DJ Set: Franky Sour with Encinvs

4/20—Tensas &The Mourners with LEGS. The Band and Mineral Palace

4/20—Treehouse DJ Set: Hot Singles In Your Area

4/20—Open House ft. HAASY, Charlie Wonder, Emerald Wells and Lovell

4/21—The HuCKLE BEARErS with The Dollhouse Thieves and Kyle Warner & His No-Good Rotten Band

4/22—Michael Seyer with Sundiver Ca and Yugs


Lost Lake

4/17—Matt Hansen with Zachy

4/18—Landon Conrath with Corsicana and Silver & Gold

4/19—Neoma & Friends

4/20—Honey Blazer with Bruha, Ploom, Blööd Oath and DJ Harry Edwards

4/21—Grey Skygarden with Headslug, Wondermare and Backblunt

Marquis Theater

4/17—Orgy + Cold

4/18—Teen Suicide with Awakebutstillinbed

4/19—Nascar Aloe


4/21—Madds Buckley with Addison Grace

4/22—Vs Self


Meow Wolf

4/19—Saka with Eastghost

4/23—Julia Wolf with Scro

Mission Ballroom

4/19—Kai Wachi with Must Die!, Yosuf, Prosecute, Nimda and Bluuher

4/20—Inzo with Smoakland, Chmura, Heyz and Blookah


4/17—Dart Echo

4/18—Dave Hanson Trio

4/19—The Reid Poole Quintet

4/20—Derek Banach Quintet

4/21—Jon Gordon and the Wil Swindler Quartet

Number Thirty Eight

4/20—Hot Like Wasabi

The Ogden Theatre

4/17—Jungle with Fred Fancy and Neil Frances

4/19—Dombresky with Westend and Jaded

4/20—Chris Webby with Ekoh, Dropout Kings, Grieves and Ryan Oaks

4/21—The Ghost Inside with Palface Swiss, Bleed From Within and Great American Ghost

4/23—Thy Art Is Murder with Angelmaker, Signs Of The Swarm and Snuffed On Sight


Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

4/17—Vibe Tribe

4/18—Parker Millsap & The Bones Of J.R. Jones

4/19—The Big Wu

4/20—The Big Wu

Orchid Denver

4/20—Wash Park Band

The Oriental Theater

4/18—Corb Lund

4/19—Six Million Dollar Band

4/20—Alpha Wolf

4/21—Wild Things

4/23—Wind Rose

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

4/17—Jungle with Neil Frances

4/19—Ice Cube with The Game, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Living Legends

4/20—Wiz Khalifa with Flatbush Zombies, Earthgang, Chevy Woods and DJ Bonics

4/21—Key Glock with Yung Nudy, BigXThaPlug and DJ Rocksteddy

4/22—Amon Amarth with Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Frozen Soul

4/23—Heilung with Eivør


Roxy Broadway

4/19—PJ Moon

4/19—Kenny Warren’s Sweet World

4/19—Snowflyer with Queen Of Air and Vera Zane

4/20—The Street Deacons

4/20—Calvin Locklear & The Folk Circuit

4/23—The Huckle Bearers

Roxy Theatre


4/19—Higher Spacez

4/20—Savannah Dexter with Brabo Gator


Seventh Circle Music Collective

4/19—Wombat & The Monkey Man with Coldridge, General Nuisance, RadioFry and Screendoor Submarine

4/23—Academy Order with Tezca, Shadow Rabbit and Tulpa

Skylark Lounge

4/17—Casper Allen with Shawn Hess and Jackie Straw

4/18—Down Time with Bellhoss and Clayton Dexter’s Country Backwash

4/19—Traindodge with Self Evident and Almanac Man

4/20—Unicorn Hits with Tonguebyte, Holographic American and Soneffs

4/22—The Marigold Project


4/19—Xavier Wulf

4/20—Gimme Gimme Disco

4/21—Mali Velasquez

4/23—Beach Weather with Smallpools


4/18—Old School Rap Battle

4/19—Tita Lau

4/20—Henry Fong

Your Mom’s House

4/18—Picasso Gvng

4/19—The Gathering

4/20—Don’t Ever Fold

4/21—Wake N’ Bake Sessions

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