Meet DFW’s Lead Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

If you think Denver Fashion Week (DFW) is filled with glitz and glamour, you’re correct.

From haute couture to sustainable streetwear, DFW is a striking showcase of creativity and style. Whether it’s the runway shows, designer collections or the buzz of the fashion-forward crowd, something exciting always happens.

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However, the real rush of DFW happens backstage. It’s the part many of us don’t see — teams working frantically behind the scenes to ensure every detail is executed flawlessly.

This year, DFW’s Makeup Lead Megan Urmann and Hair Lead Darrel DeWitt are the magicians working their magic to ensure model appearances and designer needs are all on point.

Meet Megan Urmann, DFW Makeup Lead

Photo courtesy of Megan Urmann

Urmann never imagined she’d be the award-winning makeup artist and aesthetician she is today. 

Growing up, Urmann was an alternative kid who found inspiration from the punk, goth and emo scene. Since childhood, she loved all forms of artistry, so it was only natural that she began experimenting with makeup in high school. 

“I was enthralled with the fashion of it all, like makeup was a big part of the inspiration of that style,” she said. “I just started experimenting with myself and the self-expression of it all really excited me.” 

Experimentation quickly turned into passion. Urmann began doing her friends’ makeup and practicing bolder looks, yet, she never considered becoming a makeup artist. This was because she had always been told not to pursue anything art-related or else she would make no money.

Urmann found that college wasn’t the right place for her. After bouncing around different jobs for a while, she decided to finally pursue makeup.

“I devoted a lot of my time to education and training,” she said. “At the time, I didn’t think it was going to go anywhere, but it was just something that really excited me, so I went with it.”

Photo by Weston Mosburg

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Urmann began posting makeup reviews and product tutorials under the name “Neomeganism.”

“I found out people really liked it,” she said. “I started getting requests for all kinds of things like special events or runway shows or photo shoots, all kinds of stuff. So when the world started opening up, I started going and pursuing that and doing makeup.”

This prompted Urmann to make a portfolio and build her business.

“I make a goal to connect with everyone who’s in my chair,” she emphasized. “I want everyone to feel comfortable. I want everyone to feel confident when they get out of my chair.”

Flash forward to now and she’s worked in film, fashion, weddings, festivals and beyond. Most exciting is her new role as the Lead Makeup Artist for DFW.

Photo courtesy of Megan Urmann

“I’m so excited,” she said. “I’m so passionate about runway. Last season, behind the scenes, I really felt inspired to step up in a leadership role. So, I sat down with the producers to discuss what that would even look like, not knowing the direction. Lauren [Lippert] said there was an opportunity to be Head of Makeup and they were really looking for someone to step up into that role. I’m a mom and have like 20 years of experience managing for retail and stuff like that, so I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m qualified to help.’”

Despite the fast pace and pressure of DFW, Urmann keeps calm.

“The chaos fuels me,” she said.

The real struggle for Urmann is battling imposter syndrome. This is all in her head though, because one look at Urmann’s work makes it clear that her position is well deserved.

Some makeup kit products Urmann can’t live without include Salt New York palettes, Pat McGrath blushes, Clionadh Cosmetics eyeshadows and Melt Cosmetics eyeliners. However, Urmann’s makeup kit is really a revolving door, as she’s always trying new things.

Meet Darrel DeWitt, DFW Hair Lead

Photo courtesy of Darrel DeWitt

DeWitt describes himself as an open book: what you see is what you get. 

In DeWitt’s case, what you see is a master hairstylist with more than 30 years of experience. What you get is unmatched expertise in color, cutting, styling, runway and editorial work. 

DeWitt began his path into hairstyling in high school. He had older friends in the industry who helped him get his foot in the door. While working at Paul Garcia’s salon, he felt like he found his passion and his people. So, he enrolled in cosmetology school soon after. 

His first year in the industry was when he had the opportunity to participate in his first fashion show. That’s when DeWitt’s love for doing shows and editorial work began. 

“I fell in love with the creativity,” he said.

Since then, DeWitt has been involved with countless fashion shows and fashion weeks. He’s done shows and editorials for Fendi, Chanel, Christian Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Hyde Park, Dennis Basso, Marchesa, and more.

Photo courtesy of Darrel DeWitt

Whether he’s working on a celebrity or your average Joe, his favorite part behind the chair remains the same: “Making people feel good about themselves.”

DeWitt is currently a master stylist at Razors Sharp Cuts and previously worked at Rita B Salon & Institute as well as Berenices Salon & Spa. 

One factor that sets DeWitt’s hairstyling skills apart from others in the industry is his experience working with different hair types, textures and lengths.

“I had a really amazing opportunity when I was in school to learn how to work with different textures of hair,” he said. “I didn’t know until many years later that it wasn’t always covered a lot. We’re fighting right now to get everyone to learn how to work with different hair textures.”

Continual education is key to success in the hair industry.

“The most stimulating and exciting thing is that it’s an ever-changing industry,” DeWitt said. “I like learning, so I like that you have to continuously learn and change.”

Photo courtesy of Darrel DeWitt

If anyone is a DFW expert, it’s DeWitt. He’s been involved with DFW since the beginning.

“It almost feels like a family to me,” he said. “I’ve developed this community between other artists, like hair stylists and makeup artists, and also the designers and models.”

DeWitt said he’s especially excited about this DFW because he’s implemented a few changes as Hair Lead.

“I think we’re going to be able to make a difference,” he said.

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