How to Clean Bamboo Cutting Board: Full Guide and Best Products

Adding a bamboo cutting board to your kitchen gear is a wonderful way to have an antimicrobial cutting board that looks pretty. With the advancement of bamboo cutting boards in the mainstream shopping networks, it’s no wonder they come in many shapes and sizes.

This cutting board helps keep bateria at bay so you can rest easier knowing that the bacteria from the meats, veggies, or other edible items won’t leave a trace of bacteria behind. The key to keeping this bateria at bay with your bamboo cutting board, is to learn how to clean it properly. 

Today we are diving into the topic of how to clean bamboo cutting board: full guide and best products to help maintain cleanliness and extend the life of your bamboo cutting board. 

Best Products 

  1. Conscious Corner
  2. CLARK’S Cutting Board Organic Soap
  3. Kate Naturals Mineral Oil for Cutting Board

One of the first things to understand is how not to clean a bamboo cutting board. Since bamboo cutting boards do not absorb much moisture, they are not something you want to soak in a deep dish of warm soap water. 

You’ll want to refrain from using a dishwasher with your bamboo cutting board, as well. Dishwashers can cause your bamboo cutting board to crack, and soaking it in water could cause it to eventually lose shape. 

This is hard for some bamboo cutting board owners to understand because having a non-porous surface makes it seem like soaking in water or using a dishwasher wouldn’t cause much harm. With that being said, the bamboo can soak up the water after a long period of time soaking in the water, as it’s not completely non-porous. 

Now that you know what not to do when cleaning a bamboo cutting board, let’s discuss the best way to learn how to clean a cutting board: full guide and dig deeper into the best products for cleaning a bamboo cutting board below. 

How to Clean a Bamboo Cutting Board?

Some people opt to use dish soap and a little warm water with a soft rag to clean off their bamboo cutting board. This simple process is good enough, and if you air dry it in a non-damp room of the home, such as in the kitchen using a dish drying rack, then you should be fine using this option.

If you feel better using a more extensive option, then consider using the best products we have laid out for you below. These organic cleaners to clean a bamboo cutting board will help you get a deep clean of all your bamboo kitchen products with ease. 

Conscious Corner

Conscious Corner is an up and coming high-quality bamboo cutting board store where you can purchase your favorite bamboo products online. They have a wide range of bamboo steamers, bamboo utensil, and bamboo cutting boards for your use. 

CLARK’S Cutting Board Organic Soap

This organic catsile soap is the perfect option for someone who wants to learn how to clean bamboo cutting board with an organic soap. This soap from Clark’s brand is made to clean, preserve, and restore your cutting boards. This is an all natural, organic bamboo cutting board cleaner for use on all bamboo or wooden utensils in the home. 

Kate Naturals Mineral Oil for Cutting Board

This natural mineral oil for bamboo cutting board from Kate Naturals is made to restore and protect all of your wood and bamboo kitchen utensils, and bamboo cutting boards. With a natural formula of lightweight oil, this mineral oil for cutting board will help you maintain the quality of your bamboo cutting board more than the average dish soap will. 

How We Ranked Best Products for Cleaning a Bamboo Cutting Board 

There are some factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best products to clean a bamboo cutting board. The top three factors we considered before including a product on our list were: 

Quality and Durability: We wanted to check the quality and durability of the bamboo cutting board cleaners to ensure they were of an organic quality, and safe for use on your high-quality bamboo cutting boards. We evaluated the customer reviews and ingredients to confirm these best producst are among the top options on the market today. 

Maintenance and Care: Each of the bamboo cutting board liquid soap options are considered the best for maintenance and care of your unique kitchen piece. These soaps have organic ingredients and light formulas so that htye can restore and protect your bamboo cutting board with every handwash session. 

Safety and Chemicals: Lastly, we wanted to make sure the soaps to clean your bamboo cutting board would be safe for handwashing, as you cannot dishwash these adorable bamboo cutting boards. Each of the soaps listed are the best organic options with naturally safe ingredients that won’t harm your wooden kitchen products such as the bamboo cutting board, nor will they be rough on your hands. 


What is the best way to clean a bamboo cutting board?

The best way to clean a bamboo cutting board is to run warm water and use the organic soap options for wooden kitchen utensil and cutting boards. You do not want to soak a bamboo cutting board nor wash it in the dishwashers as that will cause it to warp and crack. 

How do you revive a bamboo cutting board?

The best way to revive a bamboo cutting board is to use lightweight mineral oil that’s sold online to clean, protect, and restor your bamboo cutting board. These formulas are created specifically for this prupose of reviving an older bamboo cutting board that’s lost its shine. 

What oil do you use for bamboo?

Many people recommend tung oil for bamboo cutting boards. This oil helps them stay in like-new shape, and are an exellent way to treat your bamboo cutting board after a handwashing and air drying session. These oils can help your bamboo cutting board maintain it’s quality of being antimicrobial and soft to the touch. 

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