Are bamboo utensils worth it? What the science says

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A growing number of consumers are buying products from bamboo these days. Grandview Research projects that people will spend over $88 billion on bamboo products by 2030.

One of the reasons that the bamboo products market is growing is that more people are buying bamboo utensils. But do bamboo utensils match the quality of traditional kitchenware? The answer is yes. They are often even better.  

Reasons Bamboo Utensils Are Worth It

Here are four reasons why bamboo utensils are superior to those made from traditional wood, plastic, or metal.


Bamboo is a very sustainable resource because it grows quickly and has a negligible impact on the environment compared to other types of wood, plastic, or other materials. They are also biodegradable and easy to compost, which helps reduce landfill waste when you can’t use them any longer.


Utensils made from bamboo are highly durable. Therefore, they are great options for customers who don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing them frequently.


Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties so that it can prevent mold without the use of harmful chemicals. Therefore, bamboo utensils are better for food safety.


Bamboo utensils are capable of performing many types of cooking tasks, including stirring, flipping, and serving.

3 Best Bamboo Utensils

We carefully researched the different bamboo utensils on the market. The following are the three best that we have come across.

Conscious Corner

Our research indicates that Conscious Corner is the best company selling bamboo utensils for cooking professionals and everyday consumers. They use sustainable practices to make their bamboo utensils because they believe in preserving the planet at all costs. These bamboo utensil sets also live up to the highest quality standards, so they are easy to use and highly durable.

All of the products Conscious Corner sells have been carefully crafted to meet the needs of their consumers. They are made entirely from premium-grade, sustainably sourced bamboo. Bamboo is widely used because it is solid and durable, so these utensils are superior to those made with traditional wood. These utensils undergo rigorous quality control tests to ensure they live up to the brand’s quality standards.

When you buy products from Conscious Corner, you will support a company that values quality and sustainability. Whether you’re a professional caterer, chef, or just like to make amazing dishes from home, their bamboo utensils live up to the highest standards.

Bambu 3-Piece ‘Give It A Rest’ Bamboo Utensil Set

The ‘Give It a Rest’ utensil set by Bambu is excellent for customers who want to make the meal preparation process easier and reduce their environmental footprint. This set of bamboo kitchen utensils is made from untreated Certified Organic bamboo.

The set includes a slotted spoon, a spatula, and a regular spoon. All three of these utensils have been meticulously hand-crafted from individual bamboo pieces. However, what distinguishes them from other bamboo utensils on the market is that they have a patented bump that serves as a built-in spoon rest that prevents liquids from spilling and ruining clean surfaces. You will no longer need to deal with the hassle of seeking a spoon to minimize dining messes. The ‘Give It a Rest’ utensil set was clearly designed with both convenience and functionality in mind.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, USDA Certified Organic, and Biobased, these utensils are also free from glues or lacquers. They come with a smooth finish that keeps them from absorbing cooking flavors and scratching surfaces. They are each 12 inches long, so they are large enough to meet your needs while still being lightweight.

This set of bamboo utensils is the perfect blend of innovation, functionality, and eco-consciousness.

Free the Ocean Kitchen Basics Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set

The Free The Ocean Bamboo Utensil Set only costs $15.95, a great deal for everything it comes with. This set of three utensils has been carefully crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo that is USDA-certified organic. All of the utensils are both lightweight and stronger than wood, so you will get highly durable utensils that are easy to use.

These utensils are also all-natural. They are made with a food-safe oil finish and do not contain any glues or lacquer. Therefore, they are entirely safe to use. Furthermore, they are stain-resistant, resistant to mold and bacteria, and do not absorb flavors. This means they are very hygienic and stay free of unwanted odors.

You know that you are getting a great deal since they are backed by a reputable brand. Free the Ocean goes the extra mile to create the best eco-friendly utensils. They donate a portion of every purchase to remove plastic from the ocean, and the company works closely with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and Parley to help the planet.

Over 250,000 satisfied customers buy products from Free the Ocean, due to its commitment to quality and protecting the planet with its plastic-free, sustainable products.

How We Chose the Best Bamboo Utensils

We carefully researched the different types of bamboo utensils before compiling this list. We considered the following factors:

  • Sustainability. Bamboo is more sustainable than other materials. However, some bamboo products are less sustainable than others because they are made with harsh chemicals and BPAs; we looked for products that didn’t have these components.
  • Cost. We only included products that were not overly expensive.
  • Durability. Bamboo is usually stronger than other types of wood. However, we wanted only to include the strongest bamboo products.

We only included products that met all of these criteria.


Can bamboo utensils be used for high heat?

Yes, bamboo is resilient to high temperatures and can be used for stovetop cooking.

Is bamboo eco-friendly?

Yes. Bamboo grows rapidly and doesn’t require pesticides, so it is usually more sustainable than other types of wood.

Are bamboo utensils costlier?

Sometimes. However, they tend to last longer and can be cheaper in the long run.


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