9 best bamboo steamer baskets in 2024

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A great bamboo steamer basket can help you make some of the tastiest, authentic Chinese dishes. We have thoroughly researched the most popular bamboo steamer baskets on the market, so you can easily make the best choice. Keep reading to learn more. 

Conscious Corner

Conscious Corner has a fantastic bamboo steamer basket for anyone seeking an eco-friendly solution for their culinary needs. This steamer basket is affordably priced and helps you lower your carbon footprint while making delicious, steamed cuisines. 

It is made with a versatile design that makes it easy to prepare vegetables, dim sum, dumplings, and seafood, without losing their original flavors and nutrients. This steamer basket has been crafted from high-quality bamboo, so it is very durable and distributes steam evenly every time it is used. The dimensions were carefully selected to make it easy to make a wide variety of dishes. You can enjoy cooking with Conscious Corner’s Bamboo Steamer, which is the perfect blend of sustainability and quality.

Joyce Chen 2-Tier 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer Baskets

The JOYCE CHEN Bamboo Steamer Basket is a wonderful addition to any kitchen! This two-tiered steamer is backed by a stellar average 4.5-star rating from over 2,000 satisfied customers. 

It makes it easy to create a ton of amazing restaurant-quality meals including dumplings, vegetables, and fish. This steamer was crafted from traditional bamboo, which makes it both eco-friendly and highly durable. 

You couldn’t ask for an easier steamer to use. You just have to place it in a pan of water, add heat, and let the steam cook your meal to your satisfaction. It only costs $21.90, which is a great deal for customers looking for convenience, quality meals and sustainability.

Town 34206 6” Bamboo Steamer Set

You will find that cooking great dishes is easier than ever with the Town 34206 6″ Bamboo Steamer Set, which costs just $14.99. This steamer basket is crafted from sturdy, commercial-grade bamboo.

It is made with a two-tiered design that lets you cook different foods at the same time, which saves time and uses space efficiently. Another benefit is that the bamboo naturally absorbs flavors, which improves quality. This steamer set is eco-friendly  and easy to clean, so it is perfect for creating healthier meals with traditional flair.

Williams Sonoma Bamboo Steamer

The Williams Sonoma Bamboo Steamer is great for cooking authentic Chinese food and just costs $19.95. This single-layer steamer is handmade from natural bamboo, which preserves nutrients and flavors. It has a compact design that makes it easier to store. It is also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

1 Set Handmade Bamboo Steamer Cooking Tool Kitchen Food Steamer with Lid from Walmart

The Homemaxs Bamboo Steamer is a professional-grade, durable, and affordable food steamer that only costs $19.60. It preserves nutrients and enhances flavors well, which results in healthier meals. The bamboo weaving improves the strength of the steamer and improves its aesthetics. It is made with a non-stick and versatile design that is perfect for steaming vegetables, fish, and meat. 

Sur La Table Bamboo Steamers

You can easily enjoy making traditional Chinese dishes with the Sur La Table Bamboo Steamer which only costs $34.95. You can receive free shipping on orders over $75. 

This steamer is great for steaming vegetables, fish, dim sum, and dumplings. It is crafted from natural bamboo, so it preserves nutrients without cooking oil. It has two stackable layers that give it a more versatile design, which lets you cook multiple dishes at once. 


The Mila Bamboo Steamer comes at a low price of just $29.99, which is an incredible deal considering it has a stellar 4.8-star rating based on reviews of 14,837 satisfied customers. This steam basket is handmade with 100% all-natural bamboo. It is very lightweight and the perfect tool for making steamed dumplings that are made ready to eat. This set comes with 2 ten-inch bamboo steamer tiers, which are each capable of steaming up to 12 dumplings. 

Temu Chinese Bamboo Steamer Set

The Temu Chinese Bamboo Steamer Set only costs $20.69, which is surprisingly cheap since it is backed by 175 reviews and has received a stellar 4.7-star rating. Temu offers a commitment that goes beyond quality products. They also offer safe payments, secure logistics, and data privacy guarantees. The company states that customer satisfaction is its top priority. 

BergHOFF Bamboo Steamer

The BergHOFF Bamboo Steamer costs just $24.99. It makes it easier than ever to prepare vegetables, dim sum, dumplings, or seafood without losing their original flavors. It comes with a layered design that lets you simultaneously steam various foods, which leads to higher convenience and efficiency. 

This steamer is crafted from natural bamboo. It is designed with a weaved construction that evenly distributes steam to create the perfect meal. IT is 7x7x6 inches, so it won’t take up too much space in your kitchen. It is also backed by 1-year limited warranty. 

How We Chose the Best Bamboo Steamer Baskets

We took the following factors into account when reviewing bamboo steamer baskets: 

  • Bamboo quality. We only included steamer baskets made from high quality, natural bamboo. 
  • Size. We looked for steamer baskets that were small enough to fit into your kitchen, while still being large enough to cook large meals. 
  • Weaving design. We looked for steamer baskets that were snugly woven together. This ensures optimal durability and keeps excess liquid from soaking the food. 
  • Customer reviews. We looked for bamboo steamer baskets that had received quality reviews from satisfied customers. 

We only included products that passed all of these standards.


Are bamboo steamer baskets safe to use?

Yes, but you need to clean them carefully like any other cookware. 

How long do they last?

They can easily last six months to a year if they are used often. Otherwise, they can last much longer.

Can you use steamer baskets to make non-Chinese food?

Of course! But they can make many great Chinese dishes. 

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