This Week In Concerts: 3OH!3, The Motet, Nicki Minaj, Foxing, Little Stranger and More

As we leave winter behind and start to roll towards spring here in the Denver Metro, the shows on deck are getting even hotter in tandem! The full list is below, but here are some of the highlights:

Foxing brings a headbangin’ good time to Summit Hall on 2/28 with support from Hotelier. Foxing guarantees an absolutely ripping show every single time, so definitely get out and get down on Wednesday.

The Motet, one of the best bands that call Colorado home, is kickstarting their 2024 at the Ogden Theater on 3/1, and they’ve got some unbelievably stacked support from Borahm Lee, the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, and the fearsome jams of Jason Hann with Gabe Mervine and Nate Miller. There’s just no better way to start a weekend off right.

However, there’s a truly special concert going on this week that fans of the magazine should all know about – the incredible 3OH!3 are bringing their 303 Day celebration to the Mission Ballroom on—you guessed it—Sunday, March 3rd. They’ve also chosen unmatched opening acts in Matt & Kim, lovelytheband, N3ptune and RSTY.  Each group on their own is a force to be reckoned with—put them all together and there’s just no competition.

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1134 Broadway


3/2—Coco & Breezy

Ball Arena

3/3—Nicki Minaj

The Black Box

2/27—Sub.mission Residency Battle

2/29—Regularfantasy, Latashá, DEEDZ and more

3/1—Flintwick with Relativity Lounge, FunkBox and A New Bus

3/2—Spades with Dêtre, Tree Gaud, Ozztin and Tesla Nikole

The Black Box Lounge

3/1—Hunter Reed with Tekkers, Bando, Waylo and Joey Darker

3/2—Dublink, No Remorse, Spector and Dublyst

The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues

3/1—LITFRANK with Ernie Wayne, Among The Ruins, Rex Winnfield, Yung Kell and NeverxHappy

3/2—Immigrant’s Child with Manic Moon, Mr. Knobs and Dogtired

The Bluebird Theater

2/27—Enjambre with Surely Tempo

2/29—Sam Grisman Project

3/1—Motifv with Mossy Projects and Brotha Nature

Little Stranger

3/2—Sam Burchfield & The Scoundrels with Rachel Baiman

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

2/29—SHiFT ft. Daggz with Lowcation, Saturna, Phurn and Comisar

3/1—DENM with Little Stranger and Bikini Trill

3/2—VAMPA with Ruvlo, Chassi, Swampz and Masta Plan

Cervantes’ Other Side

2/27—Skizzy Mars with Brake and Moonlander

2/29—Cool Company with Calimossa and Jordan Polovina

3/1—Dang! with IAmGrüv and Average Jonny

3/2—Joslyn & The Sweet Compression with Direville and Jubilingo

The Church


3/1—DJ Heartstring

Club Vinyl




2/27—Sasha Berliner

2/28—Domi Edson Trio

3/1—Gregory Goodloe

3/1—Mad Dog Blues Duo

3/1—Piano Lounge: Clint Dadlan

3/2—Rob Mullins Neu Quartet

3/2—Jonas Peterson Quintet

3/2—Piano Lounge: Clint Dadlan

3/3—After Midnight

3/4—University of Denver’s Vocal Syndicate & Resonance

Globe Hall

3/1—As We Rise with Nordic Daughter and Thy Shade

3/2—Darren Kiely with Vincent Lima

3/3—Pilot Haus with Idle Thr3at, Citizen Tempest and Torture & The Desert Spiders

Goosetown Tavern

3/2—Creeadore with Azafran and Silveria

The Polish Ambassador

The Gothic Theatre

2/27—The Prize Fighter Inferno with Carobae

3/2—Dexter & The Moonrocks with Shady Oaks and Liquid Chicken

The Grizzly Rose



2/27—B3 Jazz Jam

2/28—Hump Day Funk Jam

2/29—Dave Randon Trio

3/1—Mike Maurer Band

3/2—Mike Maurer Band

3/3—The Grey’s

3/4—Monday Night Jazz

Herman’s Hideaway

2/29—Soul Patch with The Raygunomics and A Bit Hazy

3/2—Knight Fight


2/27—Katy Kirby with Allegra Krieger and Anika Pyle

2/29—DJ Blackcat

3/1—Rattlesnake Milk with George Cessna and Candy Chic

3/2—Thor with Joecephus and the Georgetown Massacre, Chamber Mage and DJ Eagle Wing


Knew Conscious

2/29—Free Spirit with Chris Karns and Borahm Lee

3/1—APHRODITE with Dave Schicman, DigitalLoveJoint, and Dis_1

Larimer Lounge

2/27—Ericdoa with Bixby

2/29—Daniel Allan with Fi Sullivan

3/1—NASAYA with Siss and Emerald Wells

3/1—Treehouse DJ Set: Dubby Dooya B2B Corbin

3/2—Kelsy Karter & The Heroines with Alexa Villa and Emi Jeen

3/2—Warner Case with Pink Limone, Tokiyoh and Fuse

3/2—Treehouse DJ Set: Badaboom and Men/Zo

3/3—Blue Ribbon Band with Till The Moon and Joe Agger

Lost Lake

2/29—The Mossgatherers with I’m A Boy and Hemline

3/1—Cardinal Bloom with Neighborhood Watch and Polyfang

3/2—Racoma with ELLSWORTH and Patrick Dethlefs

3/3—Koion Kitten with This House Has Lions, Dr. Lunch and Parabolic Murmur

Marquis Theater

2/28—Em Beihold


3/2—Afrobeats To The World

Meow Wolf

2/27—Small Black with NITE and Claire George

2/28—The Polish Ambassador with Morillo and Grandfather Gold

2/29—The Polish Ambassador with Morillo and Grandfather Gold



Mission Ballroom

3/1—AC Slater with Chris Lorenzo, Taiki Nulight and Ootoro

3/2—Waterparks with Loveless and Poptropicaslutz!

3/3—3OH!3 with Matt & Kim, lovelytheband, N3ptune and RSTY


2/28—The Annie Booth Trio

2/29—The Adam Ohlson Trio

3/1—Jeremy Wendelin Quintet

3/2—The Jack Dunlevie Double Keyboard Quintet

3/3—The Seth Lewis Trio

Number Thirty Eight

3/3—Ipecac with The Trujillo Company and Virgi Dart

The Ogden Theatre

2/28—The Paper Kites with Bella White

3/1—The Motet with Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Borahm Lee, and Jason Hann, Gabe Mervine and Nate Miller

3/2—Matisyahu with Cydeways

The Motet

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

2/28—Keith Hicks

2/29—Austin Johnson

3/1—BLVK H3R0 with Nick Sefakis and Eureka Sound

3/2—Andy Falco & Travis Book

Orchid Denver

3/1—Bad Bunny Night

3/2—Scatta Afrobeats Experience

The Oriental Theater

3/1—Killing Time

3/3—Voivod & Prong

Roxy Broadway

2/28—Glissline with Snowflyer and Jason Iselin

2/29—Leap In To Love Ft. Alana K

3/1—March Madness: A Burlesque Show About… Balls!

3/1—Eye-Yoob & Les Americains with Sophia Elianna and Jack Trueax

3/2—Zea Stallings

3/2—Coldridge with Major Motion Picture and Sidney Williamson

Roxy Theatre

2/28—OV Sulfur

3/2—The Elders

Seventh Circle Music Collective

2/27—JER with Devon Kay & The Solutions, Suzie True and Sorry Sweetheart

2/28—Physique with Smear Campaign, Poison Tribe and Red 40

3/3—Nothing after death with Fishlegs, Empty4400, Cherry Spit and Coldglare

Skylark Lounge

3/1—Windago with Earth OK and Feel Better Big Shredder

3/2—Wombat & The Monkey Man and Yes Baby

3/3—Dream Machine with Los Toms and Gibby Paul



2/28—Foxing with The Hotelier

2/29—Kruder & Dorfmeister

3/1—Municipal Waste



3/2—James Kennedy

Your Mom’s House

2/29—Beggars Union with Mod Mofma and Duality

3/1—Midnight For Now with Cloud Rovers, Liquid Suede and Dust Honey

3/2—DJ Ktone