Review — The Beaches Rage with Love at Summit Music Hall

On the 11th anniversary of The Beaches’ first performance, the band graced the stage of a sold-out Summit Music Hall, marking their most significant headlining concert to date. Originating from Toronto, the all-female rock group, consisting of sisters Jordan and Kylie Miller along with Eliza Enman-McDaniel and Leandra Earl, have been conquering the music scene with their sophomore album Blame My Ex and continued to do so on their “Blame My Ex” tour.

Bursting onto the stage with an energy and confidence that immediately seized everyone’s attention, the girls wasted no time diving into the track “T-shirt” from their 2017 album, Late Show. The performance exuded sass and bravado, featuring lyrics like “Boys don’t get me/ Girls wanna get with me.” The track felt remarkably fresh, considering it was released seven years ago, a testament to how the band’s talent and innovation contribute to their longevity.

As Beaches’ fans have come to expect, humor exuded from the band’s songs and performance. Jordan playfully altered the lyrics of “Grow Up Tomorrow, My People” from “Sold my panties to some guy in Austin” to “some guy in Denver,” eliciting a massive roar from the audience. During a break, Jordan asked the crowd for the best Denver beer to enjoy after the show, discovering that Coors Light hails from Denver, deeming it the band’s favorite beer. The song “Shower Beer” appropriately ensued. With twinkling yellow lights and a smooth vibe, it created an atmosphere akin to dancing tipsy in the shower.

The show made it evident why the band has achieved such success. The onstage chemistry, developed over a decade of playing together, manifested in natural movements: dancing, floating across the stage and exchanging jokes. The audience weren’t merely spectators; they actively participated in the world of The Beaches. Operating seemingly under a hive mind, Kylie would showcase a stellar guitar line, seamlessly transitioning to allow Leandra to take the lead. There was a lack of selfishness; the band knew how to put on a show, ensuring each member would shine during specific parts of the song.

Leandra injected an abundance of life and energy into the performance. Whether ripping solos over the audience or taking charge as the lead singer, everything seemed effortless. She emitted the aura of a classic rock guitarist from the 80s, making even a tambourine look badass. Jokingly admitting that she and her ex still text every day, Leandra’s messy love resonated with the audience, intensifying their infatuation.

Another standout was Jordan’s vocal performance, effortlessly gliding along the melodies without missing a note. Possessing a classic voice with power and control, she engaged the crowd on songs like “My Body, Ft. Your Lips,” asking if they felt sexy before delivering its evocative lyrics. The monumental “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Paranoid” was handled with precision, with Jordan delivering every word of the anthem’s chorus with power. Jordan emerged as the quintessential frontwoman, one you’d confidently bet all your chips on.

The show wasn’t without its tender moments. At one point, the band paused to have the entire venue sing “Happy Birthday” to a young fan, creating everlasting memories that showcased what makes them so special as a group. The new queens of surf rock, The Beaches did things their way and it was infectious to witness. Their friendship, performance savvy and music were captivating, making you want to join the movement.

A concert can be therapeutic for both the artist and the audience in many ways. It offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the power of art. The Beaches set a mood for the night that lived up to the “Blame My Ex” tour name. Whether overhearing breakups in the bathroom or seeing couples locking lips in the crowd, it was a night where everyone could celebrate or rage at the many facets of love. There was a moment of apprehensive silence before Jordan exclaimed, “It’s time to blame your ex!” cueing “Blame Brett,” the track that went mega-viral, expanding the band’s fanbase to previously unseen places. The band flaunted their signature style, catchy lyrics and playful humor and the audience indulged in every moment.

This concert felt like the epitome of a rock show: flowing beer, powerful music and female badassery in abundance. As the Beaches exited the stage, the audience collectively took a moment to recover, with expressions of awe and a need to catch their breath, conversations filled with amazement at what they had just witnessed. If you missed this sold-out show, worry not—the band will be returning to Denver on May 25th, 2024, supporting Girl in Red at the iconic Red Rocks.


All Photography Courtesy of @tayhansenxo