This Week In Concerts — The Wooten Brothers, BoomBox, Paul Oakenfold, Colter Wall and More

It’s a cold, cold week here in the Denver Metro but the shows on deck are still plenty hot!  We’ve got something for everyone out around town.

Bass legend Victor Wooten and his equally talented brothers are coming to Cervantes’ on 1/11, and local heroes in the Cultet will be opening for them.  Victor Wooten is easily one of the best bass players of all time, so do yourself a favor and go see the pinnacle of what can be done on four strings.

Paul Oakenfold will be assembling the masses at Church on 1/12, and it’s guaranteed to be a religious experience—Paul’s played the world over in every setting imaginable and is truly not a show to be missed.

BoomBox will be bringing the heat for two full nights at the Gothic Theater on 1/12 and 1/13, with Tep No and Blockhead providing support.  Known for some wild and loose live shows, these BoomBox sets are sure to be top-notch.

Check out the full list of concerts below, and as always —s tay in the know about Denver’s music scene here at 303 Magazine!

1134 Broadway


1/13—DJ Minx

The Black Box

1/9—Blitzkriega with Rsenik, Tautomer, ChefWamp and Jix

1/11—Aggro B2B Mile 32 with In Orbit, Shashou B2B Deadwood, Crucible and  Novakn

1/12—Mikrodot x Salty with Dopel

1/13—Jonny G of lespecial with B Kellz, Sakiya and Murrayverse

The Black Box Lounge

1/11—Astrodot with Habrin, Xenith144, Yung Lurch, Skyfloor and Furbie Cakes

1/12—Nvoke, Froztwr3ck, Mister Person, Ollie Mumbles and Esoteric

The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues

1/12—Vegas Valley Drive with Stray the Course and Capture This


The Bluebird Theater

1/11—The Delta Bombers & The Goddamn Gallows with VOLK

1/12—Mind Incision with The Burial Plot, Carnal Contempt, Thrash Hard City, Defected

1/13—Pink Fuzz with Ritmo Cascabel and Horse Bitch

1/14—Bijou with Drezo and No Thanks

The Wooten Brothers

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

1/11—Victor Wooten & The Wooten Brothers with The Cultet

1/13—Keller Williams with Foggy Mountain Spaceship

Cervantes’ Other Side

1/11—SHiFT ft. Yung Vamp with ESCPE, Backwhen, Ponsuda and Everyst

1/12—Pixie & The Partygrass Boys with Southbound String Band and Foggy Memory Boys

1/13—Tatanka with Massif, Amanda Juline and Selecta Razja

The Church

1/11—Dr. Ozi

1/12—Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold

Club Vinyl

1/12—Bass Ops: Pierce + Specia



1/10—Brad Goode feat. Dawn Clement with Seth Lewis and Harold Summey

1/11—David Mesquitic Trio

1/11—Piano Lounge: Jason Greenlaw

1/12—Jacob Larson Band

1/12—Lazlo Torok Quintet

1/12—Piano Lounge: Tenia Nelson

1/13—Joe Anderies and Chuck Lamb (2 Shows)

1/13—Piano Lounge: Sonya Walker

1/14—duo970 Concert & Album Release Party with Composer Stephanie Ann Boyd

1/15—Good Trouble

Globe Hall

1/11—Ransom Note with Suicide Cages, Sin Eater and Ignorant Bliss

1/12—Interpretive Tyranny with Velvet Daydream, Melon Husk and Gypsy Revival

1/13—Ward Davis with Sarah Adams and Peter Stone

1/14—Heir To Nothing with Brat House and Toxic Authority

Goosetown Tavern

1/14—The Kids Are Alright ft. Back Spasms, Indecisive, Hospital Socks and Undisassembled


The Gothic Theatre

1/11—North Mississippi Allstars with Bag Men

1/12—Boombox with Tep No

1/13—Boombox with Blockhead

1/14—The Record Company with Jesse Ahern

The Grizzly Rose

1/11—The Panhandlers with Tyler Halverson

1/12—Jackson Dean with Dee White and Mae Estes

1/13—Corey Kent


1/9—B3 Jazz Jam

1/10—Hump Day Funk Jam

1/11—Dave Randon Trio

1/12—Skool Daze

1/13—Skool Daze

1/14—Venus Cruz

1/15—Monday Night Jazz

Herman’s Hideaway

1/12—J. Carmone with Mr. Knobs and Color Clinic

1/13—Burning Silence with Immortal Synn and more

1/14—Still Gonna Bail with Dancing with Dante, The Midnight Horrors and The Ragetones


1/12—Poison Tribe with Upon A Field’s Whisper, Clarion Void, and Empire Demolition

1/13—Bluebook with The Still Tide and Uhl

1/14—Augustus with Red Light Ritual, Los Toms, and Spitting Image

Knew Conscious

1/13—Daddies Of Invention

Larimer Lounge

1/11—Carlos Real with Evelation and Baxter

1/12—Same Wolfe with Queen Of Air and Collin Sanger

1/12—Treehouse DJ Set: Backdoor Sessions

1/13—Be Kind Rewind with Crisco Disco

1/13—BOGES with James Grebb, Equalizor B2B Read Or Not and Cielo B2B Loveclub

1/13—Treehouse DJ Set: Scott Riley & Gloomi

1/14—Fortex, Zenith, Sparkle and Emelea

Lost Lake

1/11—Black Dots with To Be Astronauts and Wiff

1/12—Surprise Soup with The Galentines, Judith Hindle, Seattle Kay and Spinning Jenny

1/12—The Space Catz

1/13—Ice On The Skreetz with Crysomemore, Brikz, Jumbee, Pusher Avy Dubz and Dubdronomer

1/14—Ryan Leary with DJ Skello and Pokerface

1/15—Wiley from Atlanta with Johnny N0rm4l

Marquis Theater

1/13—Mac Miller Party

Meow Wolf


Mission Ballroom

1/11—Colter Wall with Red Shahan

1/12—Colter Wall with Red Shahan

1/13—Colter Wall with Kenny Feidler


1/10—Braxton Kahn Trio

1/11—The Matt Fuller Quartet

1/12—Dru Heller Quintet

1/13—Jonathan Powell Quintet

1/14—The Good Fats Meters Project

Number Thirty Eight

1/11—Jason Wulf Band

1/12—Sugar Britches

1/13—Double Wide

1/14—El Dolor

The Ogden Theatre

1/12—Kompany with Ivory, Gorilla T and Thrasha

1/13—A Hundred Drums with Atyya, Zen Selekta, Vide, and Milla

A Hundred Drums

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

1/11—Jack Cloonan Band

1/12—Eric Hutchinson

Orchid Denver

1/13—Soul School Band

The Oriental Theater

1/13—Pink Hawks

Roxy Broadway

1/11—Zea Stallings & Friends


1/12—Time Release Formula with Mind Gardens and Bennet Louis

1/13—Uncle Barnaby & The Jude

1/13—Zealot with Rowboat and A Strange Happening

Roxy Theatre

1/13—Louie The Singer

Skylark Lounge

1/12—Redwing Blackbird with Radio Scarlet and Part Weapon

1/13—A Place For Owls with Creek and Fainting Dream


1/12—Leaether Strip

1/13—Record Thieves


1/12—Danny Avila


1/14—Big Boogie x Tay Money

Your Mom’s House


1/11—Sleazy Grease with Tomato Soup and The Sparrows


1/13—Capricorn Bash

1/14—Rage Ape with Graveyard People, Chemo and Son Of Stump

1/14—Local Hip-Hop Showcase

1/12—Solovoy with Pian, Louis Adams and Noname J



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