This Week In Concerts — Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country, DJ Diesel, Afroman and More

It’s the first week of the new year here in Denver and there’s no time for recovering from New Year’s Eve with all the great shows on deck this week.

DJ Diesel (a.k.a Shaquille O’Neal) will be bringing the wubs to the Mission Ballroom on 1/5 and he’s got Layz, So Tuff So Cute, Softest Hard and Aimmia on the decks as support. This show is guaranteed to be a banger — get there early and be ready to rage all night long.

Daniel Donato is letting his Cosmic Country run wild for two nights at Cervantes’ this Friday and Saturday (1/5 and 1/6) and the amazing Allman Brothers Band tribute act, Trouble No More, will be there both evenings to get it all started.

Jazz pianist Eli Baumgartner will be debuting his new trio in support of his latest EP “Into Nowhere” at Dazzle on 1/6 — a local phenom on the keys, this show won’t be one to miss.

Here’s to a wonderful 2024, and as always, stay in the know about Denver’s music scene here at 303 Magazine!

1134 Broadway

1/5—Speaker Honey


The Black Box

1/5—Fader Breaker with SAUMii, CARL, Fractal Rain and Wubbz

1/6—Milano with Snuffy, Tenkai and Z0rp

The Black Box Lounge

1/5—Khariszma,with Subculture, Jush, S2PS and Adam Hester B2B Prana

1/6—Eyere Eyes with Billy The Robot, Cryztal Roze, GenreAssassin and Bionix

The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues

1/5—Sundance Head with Teague Brothers Band and Trevor Toms

1/6—Oak, Ash & Thorn with Starwraith, Siege Perilous and Darconigan

The Bluebird Theater

1/5—Bad Britton with Dayton Stone & The Undertones, Kaepora and French Cuffs

1/6—Taylor Fest

Daniel Donato

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

1/5—Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country with Trouble No More

1/6—Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country with Trouble No More

Cervantes’ Other Side

1/5—Hunter James & The Titanic with O’Connor Brothers Band and Lauren Frihauf

1/6—Benny & Taylor’s Honky Tonk Express with Evan Holm and Casey Prestwood

The Church

1/5—Andy Moor + Jes

Club Vinyl

1/5—Bass Ops: Zubah and Duck Be

1/6—Mike Kerrigan and N808


1/3—Eric Gunnison and Mike Marlier

1/4—Lynn Skinner

1/4—David Mesquitic

1/5—Purnell Steen and the Five Points Ambassadors



1/5—Piano Lounge: Sonya Walker


1/6—Eli Baumgarten Trio

1/6—Piano Lounge: Freddy Rodriguez Jr.

1/7—Roberta Gambarini (2 Shows)

1/8—Roberta Gambarini

Globe Hall

1/4—Worst Year Ever with Television Generation, Tonguebyte and If You’re Leaving

1/5—Casper Allen with The Threadbarons and Cody Mack

1/6—Kyle Moon & The Misled with Elijah Petty & The Part-Times and Tonewood String Band

1/7—The Droptines with Estin & The 86’d

Goosetown Tavern

1/6—Solar Flare Sunset with The Unindicted Co-Conspirators, Paranoid Image and Heart-Shaped Zombie

The Gothic Theatre

1/6—Treaty Oak Revival with The Wyatt Weaver Band

The Grizzly Rose

1/5—Randall King with Braxton Keith

1/6—Ned LeDoux


1/3—Hump Day Funk Jam

1/4—Cocktail Revolution

1/5—Alive on Arrival

1/6—Alive on Arrival

1/7—Randy Ricks & The Rescue Dogs

1/8—Monday Night Jazz

Herman’s Hideaway

1/7—Civil Strife & Red Vinyl Gypsies w/ Die Like Bothans & Roma Ransom


1/4—Noche Salvage with Los Hermanos Muñoz

1/5—The Salesmen with Billy Conquer, Tuff Bluff and Candy Chic

1/6—Cryptkeeper with The Dead End and Iceblood

Knew Conscious

1/6—Kowan And Company

Larimer Lounge

1/4—Open Decks

1/5—Tantok with STLLR and Tasba

1/5—Treehouse DJ Set: DJ Sweetnuts and En Sueño

1/6—STRM B2b Murra with Kandy Shop, Hammerhype and Peazy

1/6—Treehouse DJ Set: MOUMOU

1/7—An Evening with BJ Barham

Lost Lake

1/4—Black Dots with To Be Astronauts and Wiff

1/5—Surprise Soup with The Galentines, Judith Hindle, Seattle Kay and Spinning Jenny

1/6—Ice On The Skreetz with Crysomemore, Brikz, Jumbee, Pusher, Avy Dubz and Dubdronomer

1/7—C.A.R.P. with Solar Flare Sunset, Blameshells and Reposer

Marquis Theater

1/5—Friend of a Friend

Mission Ballroom

1/5—DJ Diesel with Layz, So Tuff So Cute, Softest Hard and Aimmia


1/5—Dru Heller Quintet

1/6—Adam Gang Quintet

1/7—Adam Bodine

Number Thirty Eight

1/5—Jake Jacobson

1/6—The Barlow

1/7—Randy Brown

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

1/5—Shawn Eckels Trio

1/6—Delta Sonics

Orchid Denver

1/5—Honky Tonk Night

1/6—Racyne Parker, Daniella Katzir and DJ Josh.O

The Oriental Theater

1/5—My Blue Sky

1/6—Tanner Usrey

Roxy Broadway

1/5—Mad Dog Blues

1/5—Invisible Bird with Keddjra

1/6—Sid Williamson

1/5—Redamancy with May Be Fern and Grace DeVine

Roxy Theatre

1/5—Time In Dallas

Seventh Circle Music Collective

1/6—Mirkwood, propane, Slug City, Grather Way, RMO

1/7—Nocturnal Prose, Hex Cassette, Empty 4400, Luna’s

Skylark Lounge

1/5—Parabolic Murmur with Sarah Adams and John Brewster



1/6—The Orchestrator and Afroman


1/5—Anthny.Jacobs with Rogue, Steezify, and Sonrizas


Your Mom’s House

1/5—Manime with Difuria


1/7—Deep State with Calixo, Borrowed Drums and Something Strange

1/8—Bkellz with Scott Hachey, Solflower, and Kid Jubi


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