This Week In Concerts — Charley Crockett, Wreckno, Trash., Golf Clap and More

It’s time for another amazing week of shows here in Denver, and the concert lineup is truly excellent this time around.

For the country fans, Charley Crockett will be taking over the Mission Ballroom for two nights on 1/18 and 1/19, with Dylan Bishop warming the crowds up each night.  Charley’s Americana-infused songwriting and powerful stage presence ensure that these shows will be next-level.

Wreckno will be bringing the party to the Ogden Theatre on 1/19 and they’ll have some amazing support all night long from Moore Kismet, Thelem and Eyezic—this is sure to be one hell of a dance party.

Local punk band Trash. are making their headlining Bluebird Theater debut on 1/21 and bringing along fellow friends Bury Mia, Compass & Cavern and Clementine to help tear the roof of the joint!

The full list of concerts is below and, as always, stay in the know about Denver’s music scene with us here at 303 Magazine.

1134 Broadway


1/20—Aaron Bordas

The Black Box

1/18—Mea Inferno

1/19—S.Murk with dela Moon, Combine and Despise

1/20—Abstrakt Sonance with Wraz and Soggy Noize

The Black Box Lounge

1/18—Jahhari with Psychonotikz, Sleazy Lettuce, DNA Proxi and Chance

1/19—Prosper. with Nestra, Yakov and B-Tone

1/19—DJ Tower with Jay Eric, Niq V and Bob Sync

The Black Buzzard at Oskar Blues

1/19—Spitting Image with Citizen Tempest and Grim Vorhees

1/20—Big Bill Morganfield


The Bluebird Theater

1/18—Odie Leigh with The Official Bard of Baldwin County


1/21—Trash. with Bury Mia, Compass & Cavern and Clementine

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

1/18—SHiFT ft. Dreamer’s Delight with Vibesquad, Skysia and Ozi

1/19—Sages & Spirits

1/20—Sages & Spirits

1/21—Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Cervantes’ Other Side

1/19—If You’re Nasty

1/20—Jagged Little Pill with 40 OZ to Freedom and Daryl Crow

The Church


1/19—Todd Terry X Ferreck Dawn

Golf Clap

Club Vinyl

1/19—Bass Ops: Dieselboy

1/19—Golf Clap


1/17—Tatiana Eva-Marie & Avalon Jazz Band

1/18—Tatiana Eva-Marie & Avalon Jazz Band (2 Shows)

1/18—Piano Lounge: David Mesquitic

1/19—Matt Skellenger Group


1/19—Piano Lounge: Freddy Rodriguez Jr.

1/20—Mark Patterson Presents: Where Are They Now


1/20—Piano Lounge: Freddy Rodriguez Jr.

1/21—Convergence (2 Shows)

1/22—Leena & Adam Waite

Globe Hall

1/18—Rob Baird with Parker Chapin and Jesh Yancey

1/19—Sierra Ferrell with Morsel

1/20—Drew Dvorchak Band with MoonRadish and Stephen Lear Band

1/18—Greg Koch with J.J. Murphy

Goosetown Tavern

1/17—Gartener with Bad Idols and Hole Milk

1/20—DJ Miggy

1/21—Park Hill Jam

The Grizzly Rose

1/19—Easton Corbin

1/20—Josh Turner


1/17—Hump Day Funk Jam

1/18—Dave Randon Trio


1/20—Super Magick

1/21—Dumm Friends League

1/22—Monday Night Jazz

Herman’s Hideaway

1/18—Emily Kooi with Alive At Nine, Finn O’Sullivan and Genevieve Libien

1/19—Red Mountain Boys with Big Hooray Bluegrass and Colorado Junction String Band

1/20—Supernova Sessions Vol. 1

1/21—School Of Rock (3 Shows)


1/18—In Plain Air with Corsicana, Deth Rali and Tarantula Bill

1/19—Wave Decay with Pale Sun and Galleries

1/20—Broken Record with Quits, Despair Jordan and DJ Listen Up Nerds

Knew Conscious

1/19—Eliot Lipp B2B Nelli with The Beatserver

1/20—Antennae with PHLO and Mr. Truman

Larimer Lounge

1/18—Prismatic with Figmvnt, Rage Bot and X.Stinct

1/19—Coat Check Collective

1/19—Treehouse DJ Set: Donnerthegoner

1/20—The Tenny Men with Southbound String Band

1/20—Sonrizas with Housewife and Leah Loredo

1/20—Treehouse DJ Set: DJ Sauce

1/21—Blanket Slut with Dryerline, Antonego and The Patrons

Lost Lake

1/18—Dad Band

1/19—Mor with Vanimal Kingdom and Dylan Kishner Band

1/19—DJ Turn-E

1/20—Üfer with The Salesmen

1/21—Hollow Head with Pie Lombardi, Color Clinic and Mike Ring

Marquis Theater


1/20—Pandas & People

Meow Wolf


Charley Crockett

Mission Ballroom


1/18—Charley Crockett with Dylan Bishop

1/19—Charley Crockett with Dylan Bishop

1/20—Beats Antique with Balkan Bump, Dimond Saints and KR3TURE


1/17—Braxton Kahn Quartet

1/18—The Matt Fuller Quartet

1/19—Dru Heller Quintet

1/20—Ben Markley and Friends

1/21—The Good Fats Meters Project

Number Thirty Eight

1/17—Brian Brooks and the Incorrigibles

1/18—Lendon James

1/19—CW of Twenty Hands High

1/20—Socially Spent

1/21—Christopher Thomas

The Ogden Theatre

1/17—Qveen Herby with Pertinence

1/19—Wreckno with Moore Kismet, Thelem and Eyezic

1/20—Big Richard with Town Mountain

Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

1/18—Vibe Tribe

1/19—Labrynth with Ghost Lotus, Tree Gaud, and Skinny Limbs B2B Monji


Orchid Denver

1/19—Michaela Allen Trio

1/20—Chantil and the Dukes of Art

The Oriental Theater

1/19—Sammy Mayfield

1/20—Journey to the Heart of Zeppelin

Roxy Broadway

1/19—Dechen Hawk

1/19—Anthem And Aria: The Psychic Soulmates In The Speakeasy

1/19—Beom with Random Temple and River

1/20—Rented Tuxedo

1/20—Hallie Spoor with Kaitlyn Williams and Marley Hale

1/20—Card Catalog with The Ephinjis and White Rose Motor Oil

1/21—Kiki’s House Of Mirrors!

Roxy Theatre

1/20—Jarren Benton

Seventh Circle Music Collective

1/19—CxrDinalis and Damn Selene

1/20—SWAG with Watching People Drown and Axewound Pussy

Skylark Lounge

1/17—Cheap Perfume with Dead Pioneers and Elegant Everyone

1/19—Daphne Gale with Amy Martin and Nick Boeder


1/19—Ty Bo

1/20—Electric Feels


1/19—Woo York


Your Mom’s House

1/18—R&B Jam Fest Vol. 8


1/20—Bassment Experiments