Style With Ease: A Guide to Packing for X Games Aspen 2024

Spectating at the X Games is a bucket-list item for many winter sports enthusiasts. The secret of the Games, however, is that it’s also huge for the winter fashion heads. The X Games is not only a competition but it’s a showcase for peak winter style especially since it’s referred to as “the Coachella of the mountains.”

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As the games approach this weekend and you start packing your bags to head up into the mountains, consider packing these elements to craft the perfect X Games fit. 

Warm Base Layer

aether x games base layer

Photo courtesy of AETHER Apparel

Typical base layers are usually made of thin, insulating materials. Ideally, these materials wick away sweat and other moisture while keeping your body heat as close to your skin as possible. The base layer is also the only part of your fit that most likely won’t be seen by the public eye, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting a certain aesthetic. 

Nevertheless, looking good equals feeling good, so there’s no shame in choosing a base layer that is the perfect balance of cute and cozy. AETHER’s new line of Vapor Base options uses Italian synthetic-blend stretch jersey material that’s comfy and warm – without sacrificing chicness. 

The unsung hero of the base layer, however, isn’t the thermal long sleeve or fleece-lined leggings, it’s a good pair of socks. Look for socks with insulating fabrics like wool, fleece or synthetic fibers. These fabrics can still provide warmth, even if they happen to get wet. 

Stand-Out Outerwear

Many X Games spectators don ski gear to survive the cold air at Buttermilk Mountain. Whether it’s bibs, snow pants, a heavy jacket, or a coverall onesie, your outerwear is the best layer for playing around with eye-catching pieces.  

Consider the following trends when packing your outerwear for this weekend. 


hoohah colorful

Upcycled vintage jumpsuits from Hoohah, Photo courtesy of Ryland Lovvorn

Who says bright colors are only for spring skiing?  Anna Tedstrom, designer of local ski brand Hoohah, noted trends that her brand is leaning into all winter long, including pops of bright colors — especially pinks, reds, and mustard yellow.

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Play around with color-blocking and pairing hues that you might not normally combine. Following this trend is almost guaranteed to make a serious impression — and wearing colors is pretty much proven to boost your mood and help you have more fun. 

P.S. This trend doesn’t just mean solid colors—consider packing your loudest pattern to stand out even more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll catch the eye of a pro-snowboarder and fall madly in love. 


krimson klover brown compass puffer

Compass Down Jacket by Krimson Klover, Photo courtesy of Krimson Klover

Will puffers ever truly go out of style? A true closet staple, consider playing around with color and texture for your next puffer. Whether you go for a matte finish or a striking pattern, choose one with solid insulation or risk freezing your tail off on the mountain. 

Krimson Klover makes stand-out puffers designed for this very purpose. Their Compass Down Jacket provides serious heat with a sleek shiny finish and peekaboo striping.

“Remember, the key is to balance style and functionality. Choose pieces that keep you warm without compromising your personal style,” said Casey Zipp, Social Media & Content Coordinator for Krimson Klover. “Mix and match different elements to create outfits that reflect your taste while keeping you cozy.” 


Photo courtesy of Ryland Lovvorn
(@rylocreative) for Hoohah

Featured all over the fall Denver Fashion Week runway, western wear is seemingly inescapable this season. And we’re not complaining: whether you lean into Western Barbie or a Y’allternative aesthetic, this trend is flexible enough to fit everyone’s vibe. 

Fringe is the easiest way to bring a little bit of the saddle to the slopes. Combined with bright colors – like in Hoohah’s latest collection of upcycled vintage onesies – fringe is also a super easy way to make your outerwear feel instantly cooler – and just a little sillier.


Photo courtesy of Ryland Lovvorn
(@rylocreative) for Hoohah

Of course, ski season in Colorado isn’t all about clashing colors and wearing rhinestones. After all, Aspen welcomes numerous celebrities each year whose clean cut ski gear could likely pay off your car loan. 

If your aesthetic leans less toward complementary-colored kidcore and more toward Kim Kardashian mob wife — you’re in luck. Classy fur jackets are a quick and easy way to inject that expensive-looking taste into your X Games ensemble. Whether or not you paid top dollar or purchased it at The Arc, it really is nobody’s business. 

Just check the forecast before hitting the slopes: fur isn’t exactly the most practical (or waterproof) jacket material. If blizzards are approaching, consider adding fur accessories instead. 

Thoughtful Accessories

Escapade beanie

Escapade Beanie from Krimson Klover, Photo courtesy of Krimson Klover

When standing in the cold for hours, smart accessories are crucial to keeping vibes high. Think ahead about every patch of skin that isn’t covered by your warm outer layer. 

Luckily, beyond just an essential step for staying warm, winter accessories can also be used to take your X Games fit to the next level. 

Whether it’s a beanie, a buff or an insulated pair of gloves, accessories can be used to add a pop of color or playful pattern to neutral outfits. “A fun way to try something new is to pair a bright colored piece like a beanie, mittens, a hoodie or a vest with a more muted palette,” Tedstrom said.

To elevate the cutie pie energy — look for a pair of fuzzy earmuffs or mittens to make staying cozy look as precious as possible. 

Sunglasses (+ Sunscreen)

Photo courtesy of @therlmlr on Pinterest

Buttermilk Ski Resort has an average elevation of about 8,000 ft. That’s significantly closer to the sun than even Denver’s humble 5,280. Even when it’s freezing with ample cloud coverage, you’ll still want to prepare for sunshine. 

Luckily, sunny skies are another opportunity to elevate your X Games look. When packing, consider using sunglasses to add that extra final touch to your outfit. Take a risk with bright colored sunnies or frames in a shape you haven’t experimented with before. 

Above all else, in the era of Stanley Cups and SuperGoop, the best accessories for a sunny day are sunscreen and your water bottle. Luckily, the X Games allows spectators to bring an empty water bottle, sunscreen and a small bag into their events so that you can come prepared for any weather.  

X Games Aspen 2024 takes place on January 26-28 at the Buttermilk Resort.

Tickets can be purchased here.