Review — Isaiah Rashad Performs “Cilvia Demo” For Its 10-Year Anniversary at The Fillmore

On Saturday, electricity filled the atmosphere at the Fillmore Auditorium as fans awaited Isaiah Rashad’s Denver stop on his “Cilvia Demo 10-Year Anniversary” tour. The concert featured a lineup that made for an unforgettable evening.

The night kicked off with Yakiyn, whose short but energetic performance created a welcoming environment for concertgoers. Despite the brevity, the artist engaged with the crowd, offering roses to fans who vibed with him and setting a positive tone for the night.

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Ray Vaughn

Ray Vaughn. Photo courtesy of Ray Vaughn on Facebook.

Following Yakiyn, Ray Vaughn took the stage, bringing a unique blend of unconventional life experiences and music. The Long Beach native’s performance was marked by high energy and featured tracks like “Mannequin,” and “Kim Possible.” However, technical issues with the venue’s sound system in the back of the auditorium hindered the clarity of Vaughn’s lyrics and interactions with the audience. Despite the challenges, Vaughn’s lyrical prowess shone through, particularly in his powerful closing song, “Picking Cherries,” leaving the audience with a memorable experience.

Following the openers, it was finally time Isaiah Rashad’s set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut extended play, “Cilvia Demo.” Dressed in a beige jumpsuit, Rashad opened with “Hereditary,” setting the tone for a night filled with nostalgia and appreciation for his journey. Before diving into his hits, Rashad took a moment to express gratitude to the crowd, his opening acts and his DJ, Chris Calor, which added a personal touch to the performance.

Isaiah Rashad,

Isaiah Rashad. Photo courtesy of Isaiah Rashad on Facebook.

Rashad’s stage presence was unmatched, characterized by a confident swagger and genuine connection with the audience. He seamlessly moved through his discography, performing tracks like “R.I.P. Kevin Miller” and “West Savannah.” Notably, Rashad brought an audience member on stage during “West Savannah,” highlighting his appreciation for his fans and their role in his success.

Despite some more challenges with the venue’s sound output, Rashad took breaks to engage with the crowd, handing out water bottles and ensuring a communal experience. The crowd, initially fading, was reinvigorated by the rumbling bass of hits like “Menthol,” solidifying Rashad’s ability to captivate and energize his audience.

As the night approached its end, Rashad brought back his openers for a memorable finale, including fan favorites like “Heavenly Father” and “Free Lunch.” The entire audience joined in singing, creating a sense of unity and celebration.

No photo description available.The show was a testament to Rashad’s enduring impact on the hip-hop scene. Despite some technical hiccups, the concert would perpetually be engrained in the memories of all in attendance, leaving fans eagerly anticipating Rashad’s future endeavors and the possibility of new music on the horizon.

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