Denver Fashion Week Hosts Spring’24 Auditions

This weekend, aspiring models attended the Denver Fashion Week (DFW)‘s model auditions to secure a spot at casting and possibly the runway. The event marked a crucial step in the journey of first-time models, offering them a gateway to the coveted Spring DFW and Emerging Designer Challenge.

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These auditions were judged by DFW producer Nikki Strickler and 303 Magazine’s Fashion Editor Lauren Lippert.

DFW’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity was demonstrated through the auditions. Aspiring models with a range of experiences and backgrounds took the chance to display their distinct personalities and styles. The casting call was an appreciation of originality and the spirit of self-expression and not simply about looks.

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First time models, Alexis Hopkins and Nuru Hoskin were two of the many models who lit up the runway as they debuted their walk in front of the judges and designers. Both models practiced their walks differently, Hoskin’s, working full-time, tried to practice as much as possible in her living room. Hopkins, on the other hand, has model experience walking in Houston, Texas. 

“I’m just really excited to see the costumes and designs, I’ve seen so many art pieces that look so good, and I’m excited to potentially model them,” Hoskin said.

A lot of new models saw the auditions as a turning point in their modeling careers. As they walked down the runway, there was a distinct feeling of nervousness and excitement as they tried to attract the attention of designers from the Emerging Designers Challenge. In addition to offering the opportunity to participate in Denver Fashion Week, the auditions helped people navigate the world of fashion and offered invaluable knowledge.

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Vincent Torie was another model who rocked the runway. Following his first walk, Torie was asked to try walking in heels and went back up and strutted on stage. Torie said, being a drag queen, he wasn’t even nervous about walking in heels, he just really wanted to showcase it. 

“I auditioned last fall, and from there I practiced and did a lot of research, and thinking about my favorite shows like Versace Spring 1999…,” Torie said. “The biggest tip I learned from my sister, who also did this, is that it’s less of a walking competition, and more of showing how you walk on stage, your presence, and how it shows off to other people.”

Breaking stereotypes and fostering diversity in the fashion business have been priorities of DFW. Models of different sizes, shapes, and backgrounds were present at the tryouts, demonstrating the commitment to diversity. This dedication not only enhances the fashion industry but also delivers a strong message about accepting beauty in every form.  

Dora Robinette has been a model since the 90s when she received a lot of training in Dallas and Paris. She also used to teach and train models as well. Because Robinette worked until 3 a.m. the night before, she was tired but excited to audition. 

“You guys’ made me feel more comfortable. I’m excited to work with a high-energy group of people, and a diverse group of people,” Robinette said. “When I used to model, you were put into a box, but when I attended the workshops with you guys, I was like okay, they’re not putting people into boxes with shapes, and weight, and age, and I respect that.”

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While the auditions marked a significant milestone for aspiring models, it’s crucial to recognize that this is only the beginning of a transformative process leading up to the grand spectacle of the upcoming DFW Spring season. The road ahead promises challenges, growth, and the opportunity for these emerging models to refine their skills and showcase their unique flair on a much larger stage.

Desirae Holand was another model that amazed both the designers and judges. Holand loves the world of fashion and just wants to be a part of it. 

“For me, it was just the excitement of what Denver Fashion could bring, and that led me to want to be part of auditions,” Holand said. “There’s so many beautiful people in here, so it’s nerve-wracking but there was so much excitement.”

One of the invaluable aspects of this journey is the opportunity for models to network with established professionals and designers in the Denver fashion industry. From designers and photographers to makeup artists and stylists, Spring Denver Fashion Week provides a platform for aspiring models to forge connections that can shape their future careers.

This evolving process through the 2024 DFW model auditions is not just about the destination—it’s about the remarkable journey that will define the beginning of their careers in the ever-evolving world of fashion. What’s next for these new models? Casting where designers will select who will officially walk in DFW. 

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All photos by David Rossa