Since its re-opening in June 2023 after the remodel, Now Pho located at 1195 S Federal Blvd, has masterfully crafted the balance of a perfect pho bowl. This traditional Vietnamese hot soup is made from scratch every day by simmering the beef bones and meat for 12+ hours. The perfect broth strikes the aromatic fragrances of subtle beefiness, lightly infused with spices like star anise, cinnamon, and cloves, yet still full of flavors. The flavors blend so perfectly that make your palate dance after each spoonful of that precious broth. The chefs at Now Pho have committed to delivering a delightful experience by keeping flavorful broth hot in the stone bowl until the last soup spoon makes it a delightful and satisfying experience.

By using the freshest and highest quality ingredients ranging from noodles, spices, condiments and herbs, Now Pho not only offers classic comfort Vietnamese food and innovative cuisine fresh from the beginning but it also delivers authenticity at first bites. The details lie in the slices of premium filet mignon with perfect cuts, well-seasoned minced steak, chunks of meatballs, and beef ribs. The briskets and flanks are perfectly prepared with care and love. In the rare level of steak and steaming hot soup, you could feel how tender and juicy it is.

Besides the viral and exclusive Stone Bowl Pho, Now Pho is also well-known for its iconic signature treasures that are not offered at other restaurants in the vicinity. This has attracted many adventurous diners, food connoisseurs, and food critics nationally to frequent the restaurant. As it ventures into the untouched rarity, Now Pho offers oxtail Bun Bo Hue, Wonton Egg Noodles, Spicy Beef Stew, Crab Noodle Soup, Sizzling Rice Cake Omelet, Shaking Beef, etc. The talented chefs at Now Pho are passionately dedicated to pushing boundaries and innovating adventurous dishes while keeping the essence and traditional flavors of authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

As the restaurant opens till 3:00 AM on the weekend, Now Pho is a late-night Denver culinary frequent spot among diners as they crave for scrumptious hot soups, late-night snacks past midnight, or just a cup of refreshing teas and boba milk teas. Even at 2:00 AM, diners could get any specialty dishes on the full menu or enjoy a delicious bowl of the award-winning pho. What could get better than that?

What many people may not know is Now Pho is the house of the award-winning pho broth. Having been awarded Westword’s Best Pho 2021, Westword’s Best Pho To Go 2020 and at the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival’s Best Pho Broth 2019  (the largest Dragon Boat Festival in the US), Now Pho continues its commitment to excellence. The pursuit of essential and authentic flavors of Vietnamese cuisine while pushing boundaries and standards are that keeps the restaurant flaming the kitchen every day. Give them a try next time when you are craving some Pho soup.