Buy 5000 Instagram Followers: Best Sites To Buy 5k Instagram Followers (100% Real & Cheap)

Having another 5000 followers on Instagram can be the difference between regular users and influencers!

If you aim to have a large presence on Instagram, doing so organically can be long and grueling. But you can buy 5000 Instagram followers through trusted and reputed providers to circumvent this difficulty.

Of course, choosing the right one can be an ordeal. So, to help you, we’ve tested over 30 websites that allow you to buy real Instagram followers and narrowed the choices down to eight.

These sites can help you build your Instagram account through increased revenue and proper strategies. Curious about the best sites to buy 5000 Instagram followers? Read on!

Best Sites To Buy 5000 Instagram Followers

1. Social Zinger

Social Zinger provides tailored content strategies, high-quality Instagram followers, and quick order delivery, making it our top pick for the best way to buy 5000 Instagram followers.

Its greatest strength is its ability to deliver real accounts as followers in real-time, completing your order within 24 hours of payment confirmation. And its audience targeting feature allows you to choose the type of followers for improved engagement.




  • Delivers followers in real-time
  • Lets you choose audiences based on niche
  • Delivers within 24 hours
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • High-volume delivery takes more time

Customer Reviews

  • I was hesitant, but Social Zinger delivered! Their service brought in followers who were genuinely interested in my niche. My engagement has spiked, and I’m excited to see where this takes my Instagram journey. – John


The price for buying 5000 followers on Social Zinger is $69.99.

2. Famoid

Famoid offers real Instagram followers and managed growth follower plans that provide a safe and organic way of growing on the platform. On average, followers will begin to show up within minutes of placing the order.

Increasing growth on Instagram without raising suspicion can be tricky, which is where Famoid has you covered. You can choose its daily delivery plans to have a few followers trickle into your account who will engage with your content regularly.




  • Real Instagram followers with organic delivery
  • Managed growth followers with daily delivery plans
  • 24/7 customer support system
  • Doesn’t require your password


  • Website can be a little clunky to use

Customer Reviews

  • Social media management becomes so easy when I decided to use Famoid. I still can’t believe, I got 10k followers within one day. Great service guys! – Joy Raggett


The price for buying 5000 followers on Famoid is $69.95

3. Media Mister

Media Mister is one of the best ways to buy 5000 Instagram followers to boost engagement on Instagram organically. This is especially helpful if you need real high-quality followers interested in a particular niche or located in a particular part of the world.

Its strong point is that the boost it offers is often immediate, and it is known to deliver followers within a few days. Once you’ve chosen the desired follower type, you will begin to see the improvements in your account very quickly.

And if you need followers in bulk, you can safely purchase up to 100,000 followers from Media Mister without worrying about alerting Instagram.




  • Boosts visibility instantly
  • Specializes in targeted growth
  • Offers multiple ways to pay
  • Includes plans up to 100,000 followers


  • Audience targeting can be expensive

Customer Reviews

  • As a content creator and first-time user of Media Mister, I am beyond impressed. Media Mister is reliable, fast, and professional! Once I placed my order, Instagram followers were added to my page pretty quickly! Their customer support is also very helpful. I will be using their services often now! – Steve R.


The price for buying 5000 followers on Media Mister is $95.00.

4. Get A Follower

Get A Follower is a growth service centered around helping individuals and brands build their identity on social media platforms through credible and authentic means.

This growth service aims to be a safe way of gaining followers, stating their services will only bring a positive change to their IG account. And with robust targeting tools and high engagement rates from new followers, Get A Follower can be a great option for a first-timer.

You can expect followers to show up on your account within 24 to 48 hours of placing an order.




  • Quick delivery
  • Ensures customer safety
  • Offers audience targeting options
  • High engagement rates from new followers


  • Follower gains can be short-term

Customer Reviews

  • I purchased web traffic from GetAFollower, and I’m very impressed with the results. My website’s visitors have been steadily increasing over the past few months, and it looks like real traffic. Thank you. – Laura O.


The price for buying 5000 followers on Get A Follower is $95.00.

5. Buy Real Media

With an aim to instantly boost your account authenticity through strategic and authentic means, Buy Real Media is a great way to enhance your Instagram profile.

If you’re seeking effective content strategies to accompany your purchase of new followers, Buy Real Media is the way to go. It is at its best when working on the credibility of your profile, increasing and improving traffic through organic means in the process.

The delivery time frame can be a little slow, though, depending on the order volume and location. It can take anywhere between two and ten days for all the followers to be delivered.




  • Boosts visibility and credibility instantly
  • Higher organic traffic
  • Delivers instantly
  • Quick customer support responses


  • May not be available in every region

Customer Reviews

  • We have used many companies. But Buy Real Media is the only one to deliver perfect results every time. With excellent account feedback and your own personal order manager. This is the most successful results-driven company to use. – Elizabeth H.


The price for buying 5000 followers on Buy Real Media is $95.00

How To Buy 5000 Instagram Followers?

1. Choose A Reputable Provider

You can choose the best provider based on factors like the services they provide, the quality of their plans and followers, and user reviews.

2. Choose The Right Package

Every cheap Instagram followers provider has a list of various plans that cater to influencers of varying social media presence. Choose one of these packages based on the number of followers you need and how much you are willing to spend for the service.

3. Review Terms And Conditions

It’s always a good idea to go through the terms and conditions of a social media service as it helps you understand what they offer.

4. Provide Your Instagram Username

All follower providers to buy 5000 Instagram followers require you to enter your Instagram username. Enter it without any spelling mistakes to avoid issues with the order delivery.

5. Make The Payment

Finalize the deal by making the payment through a payment method of your choice. And don’t forget to check whether the provider uses a secure payment process before doing so.

6. Monitor The Delivery

After placing the order, you will receive an estimate of when the followers will be delivered, something you can keep an eye on. 

7. Quality Check

Keep a close eye on how your new followers respond to the content you upload. If you notice any odd behavior or irregularities, be ready to contact customer service for assistance.

8. Engage With Your New Followers

Continue to post content regularly to engage with your new followers and interact with them through messages and comments. This will help you retain followers in the long run.

9. Track Your Progress

It’s important to keep note of whether your account sees any organic growth after gaining new followers or not. Be ready to adjust your content strategies accordingly to keep your growth steadily high and maximize your presence on the platform.

Things To Consider When Buying Instagram Followers

1. Terms Of Service

When looking up how to get 5k followers on Instagram, it’s of the utmost importance that your chosen service adheres to the Instagram ToS as closely as possible.

2. Source Credibility

Look through various reviews from users and review outlets to see whether your chosen service to buy 15k Instagram followers is credible or not.

3. Long-Term Impact

There would be no reason to buy 5000 followers if they didn’t stick around for your long-term growth. For lasting growth on Instagram, you must be ready and able to maintain authentic engagement with your followers to keep them invested for the long haul.

4. Organic Growth

The hallmark of a successful influencer is a growth rate that does not falter after they buy 5000 Instagram followers. To stand out in the social media algorithms without raising any red flags, the service of your choice must offer organic follower growth.

5. Quality Over Quantity

High-quality followers that fit your particular niche are essential for making sure that your growth rate remains consistently high. These followers must interact with your content on a regular basis to extend your reach and influence.

6. Budget

When you buy 5000 Instagram followers, consider how many you need and the package your budget allows you to choose before finalizing a purchase.

Benefits Of Buying Followers For Instagram

1. Instant Growth

The benefits you receive when you buy 5000 Instagram followers are apparent almost immediately, jump-starting your account and providing speedy results through engagement.

2. Enhanced Credibility

You can buy 5000 Instagram followers for a higher follower count, which makes you more trustworthy and improves your image as a brand.

3. Increased Visibility

Accounts with larger follower counts are prioritized by the algorithm, making it more likely for them to show up on the Discover page.

4. Competitive Edge

The presence offered when you buy 5000 Instagram followers helps you stand out from the competition, which opens up opportunities to collaborate with other influencers and businesses.

5. Effective Marketing

A higher follower count can help you reach audiences beyond your niche and potentially help them find its appeal. This leads to better conversion rates and even higher engagement.

6. Cost-Efficient Strategy

You’ll find that when you buy 5000 Instagram followers, the return on investment is usually higher than traditional advertising methods. It is also generally more cost-effective than other advertising methods.

7. Social Proof

The influence that you gain when you buy 5000 Instagram followers can make others more inclined to follow you. This helps your account grow, and you can also gauge the relevance of your brand and content.

8. Networking Opportunities

Your connections improve when you buy 5000 Instagram followers and increase the overall follower base, building connections with new customers and influencers for collaboration.

Why Instagram Follower’s Quality Matters?

Having high-quality followers is important when improving your social media presence, and no site does it better than Social Zinger. Here’s why you should look for high-quality Instagram followers on social media growth sites.

1. Genuine Engagement

High-quality followers actively engage with your posts through comments, shares, and likes. You can buy 5000 Instagram followers to help your account become much larger than what would be possible through bots and fake accounts.

2. Enhanced Credibility

Higher credibility leads to your account being more noticed by the masses, attracting new opportunities and business ventures.

3. Better Algorithmic Visibility

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes accounts that have large follower counts and high engagement rates. This can be achieved when you buy 5000 Instagram followers through authentic sources.

4. Trustworthy Reputation

High-quality followers from Social Zinger can help you build a trustworthy reputation, which attracts brands, business partners, and other collaboration opportunities.

5. Feedback And Insights

Real followers offer feedback and insights into the effectiveness of your posts, products, and services, helping you continuously improve your brand.

FAQs About Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers is completely legal, but it is worth noting that the platform discourages the practice. So, your chosen 5000 Instagram followers provider needs to follow the ToS as closely as possible to avoid bans.

Q2. Are the purchased followers real people?

Purchased followers being real people or bots depends on the provider you choose. Note that the services reviewed for our list provide real people as followers.

Q3. Will buying organic growth get my Instagram account banned?

The likelihood of getting your account banned for buying organic growth is quite low. Instagram frowns upon the practice and may take steps like shadowban for particularly egregious cases but is generally lax about dealing with purchased growth.

Q4. What’s the typical delivery time for purchased followers?

Some services provide purchased followers within minutes of placing the order and gradually trickling them into your account over a few days or weeks.

Q5. Can I choose specific demographics for my active followers?

Depending on the provider, you may be able to choose specific demographics for your active followers. It can boost your organic growth more effectively than purchasing non-targeted followers.

Q6. Are there any risks associated with buying followers?

When you buy 5000 Instagram followers, you may be faced with account suspensions, shadowbans, or even permanent bans if you purchase too many within a short timeframe. 

Concluding the Best Site To Buy 5000 Instagram Followers

After reviewing no less than 30 Instagram growth sites, we’ve chosen Social Zinger as the best site to buy 5000 Instagram followers online. With its competitive pricing, real and active followers, and Instagram ToS-friendly practices, Social Zinger can be the boost you need to become a social media influencer.

That said, services like Famoid and Media Mister offer organic deliveries or targeted followers based on what you need from the buy 5000 Instagram followers service. Consider choosing based on what you need from the service and how soon you need new 5000 followers on Instagram. 

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