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A look inside Mutiny Information Cafe.

As the weather gets increasingly colder, now is the perfect time to visit your neighborhood bookstore and snuggle up with a good book. Forego the big-box bookstores and check out one of the many community-enriching, independent bookstores in the Mile High City with our list of the best Denver independent bookstores.

Tattered Cover Bookstore

A view of the Colfax location of Tattered Cover, best Denver Independent bookstore
Photo courtesy of Brittany Werges

Where: Various locations

The Lowdown: Given the recent news that Tattered Cover filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed three of its locations, now is a great time to show this beloved Colorado bookstore chain some love. ‘Tattered Cover is NOT going out of business,” the Tattered Cover webpage emphasizes. Although the Westminster, Colorado Springs and McGregor Square locations have closed, the four remaining locations will continue to operate as usual in an effort to “improve our financial situation, increase inventory and put Tattered Cover on a smaller, stronger and more sustainable footing.” You can find more about Tattered Cover’s reorganization plans here.

Mutiny Information Cafe

An entrance shot of Mutiny Information Cafe.
Photo courtesy of Giacomo di Franco via 303 Magazine

Where: 2 South Broadway, Denver

The Lowdown: Part bookstore, comic retailer, cafe offering breakfast cereal galore, record store and venue for events, Mutiny Information Cafe is a jack of all trades. This beloved Broadway business has been a bookstore for over 30 years, changing ownership multiple times. Now, the store carries one of the largest selections of local authors, musicians, artists and comic book creators in Colorado. Grab a cup of coffee and explore Mutiny’s endless collection.

Capitol Hill Books

A view of Capitol Hill Books from the street
Photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Books Facebook

Where: 300 E Colfax Ave, Denver

The Lowdown: As one of the best Denver independent bookstores, Capitol Hill Books has been serving the Cap Hill community with thousands of used and rare books for 40 years. The bookstore’s beautiful architecture, colorful displays and cozy atmosphere make this a great choice for a snowy day in Denver. Owner Holly Brooks has a database of the bookstore’s collection, making it easy to search for certain books upon request. Additionally, Brooks curates mystery book bundles, which can be tailored to your interests and shipped to you via the store’s website. 

Shop at MATTER

A look inside the Shop at MATTER store.
Photo courtesy of Shop at MATTER Facebook

Where: 2134 Market St, Denver

The Lowdown: Shop at MATTER is a Black and women-owned design studio and retail shop in the Ballpark neighborhood, offering art prints, books, games, art supplies and home goods for “revolutionaries, designers, and other thinking persons.” With a collection that emphasizes racial justice, gender studies, poetry and design, Shop at MATTER truly matters.

Printed Page Bookshop

The facade of Printed Page Bookshop
Photo courtesy of Printed Page Bookshop Facebook

Where: 1416 S Broadway, Denver

The Lowdown: This small, converted Victorian house fits in perfectly on Broadway’s Antique Row. The Printed Page Bookshop is home to an extensive collection of used and rare books, including books and manuscripts that date back to the sixteenth century. Additionally, it is a co-op bookstore with books from more than 10 different booksellers, ensuring that the collection is unique and diverse.

Kilgore Books and Comics

The shelves inside Kilgore Books and Comics
Photo courtesy of Kilgore Books and Comics Facebook

Where: 624 E 13th Ave, Denver

The Lowdown: A favorite for both local, indie zines and classic comics like Maus and Persepolis, Kilgore Book and Comics also sells used books and art prints within its small, cozy space. After you’re done book-shopping, stop by Wax Trax Records next door for all your music needs.

West Side Books

A look inside the West Side Books store.
Photo courtesy of West Side Books Facebook

Where: 3434 W 32nd Ave, Denver

The Lowdown: Located in the historic Highlands neighborhood, West Side Books’ colorful facade has been a haven for book lovers since it opened in 1997. You’re guaranteed to find a new read while browsing its wide selection of used, new, rare and collectible books.

The Bookies Bookstore

The facade of The Bookies Bookstore
Photo Courtesy of The Bookies Bookstore

Where: 4315 E Mississippi Ave, Denver

The Lowdown: The Bookies Bookstore is a great place to get new titles from an independent source. But books aren’t the only thing they sell — they offer games, toys and educator supplies as well. After the holiday season, the bookstore will be relocating to a larger space on 2085 S Holly St, where it will offer even more programming and services to the Denver community.

Hermitage Bookshop

An inside shot of the Hermitage Bookshop
Photo courtesy of The Hermitage Bookshop Facebook

Where:  290 S Fillmore St, Denver

The Lowdown: As it enters its 50th year in business as one of Denver’s oldest independent bookstores, Hermitage Bookshop is still going strong. Its distinctive brass arch guides you to a collection of high-quality used, rare, collectible and antiquarian books. Prepare to get lost in your favorite story while browsing the historically rich aisles.

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