Fall Hair Trends That Are In Demand This Season

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Something about the changing seasons tends to inspire a hair refresh. At this opportune time, we look to fall hair trends for popular colors, cuts and accessories. From Birkin-like bangs to “Cowboy Copper” coloring, these trending hairstyles are influenced as much by TikTok trends as they are by 20th-century style icons.

Cowboy Copper

Riley Keough from @gregoryrussellhair

It seems that red hair trends peak each autumn when the fall foliage reaches its brightest point. Varying shades of red have made their way into past trends, but this year is all about earthy and muted auburn shades. TikTok has coined this warm-toned look as the “Cowboy Copper” trend. Reminiscent of burning orange leaves and apple cider, this color is a seasonal staple.

“Cowboy Copper” is an all-inclusive trend, adaptable to the features of the client. As consumers become more aware of color analysis,  they can adjust trends to best complement their individual traits. Some may prefer a blend of warm, cozy brown and copper, while others may require a more golden undertone.

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Take the latest live-action Disney princess for example. When reimagining Ariel as a woman of color for Disney’s live-action “The Little Mermaid,” hairstylist Camille Friend adapted the character’s iconic red hair to actress Halle Bailey’s coloring.

“When I start designing a character for a movie, I begin with a few questions,” Friend said in an interview with Glamour. “What are the actor’s skin tones and undertones? What is their eye color and facial shape? Based on that information, I chose a golden-orange shade of red that would look most flattering on Halle.”

To find the right copper color for your features, Denver salons like Fox and Jane and 3 Little Birds Salon are a good place to start.

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Birkin Bangs

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From Anne Hathaway to Jenna Ortega, everyone wants to have their cool French girl moment this fall. Jane Birkin’s effortlessly European style catapulted her into her status as a muse and influencer for an entire generation in the ‘60s. Delicate yet messy, her iconic fringe serves as inspiration for hairstyles this season.

Although “Birkin bangs” can vary in fullness, they tend to be soft and wispy. Because they’re meant to appear a bit messy, they’re also fairly low-maintenance. Take notes from Anne Hathaway, whose Birkin-esque fringe has activated near-instant chicness to her sleek style.

To achieve these retro bangs, look no further than local salons. Craft Collective Salon and Goldie and Bob are two highly-rated spots that can freshen up your fringe.

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Return of the Ribbon

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Few things add a feminine touch to a look as beautifully as a trusty hair ribbon. If you think hair bows are childish, look to Emma Watson and Hailey Bieber for how to elegantly integrate them into a sophisticated ensemble. 

Hair bows are a lovely way to accessorize, but if there’s anything the New York Fashion Week runway has revealed, it’s that there’s no wrong way to wear a hair ribbon. Designers like Sandy Liang, Christian Siriano and Collina Strada inspired audiences with inventive methods of embracing the ribbon renaissance.

Online retailers offer extensive inspiration for styling with hair ribbons. Whether satin or velvet, left loose or tied into a neat bow, the ribbon trend is at the forefront of fall hair trends.

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