Revel In Sober October with Cocktail Caravan’s New Mocktail Club

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There is a change happening in Colorado. In a place known for craft brews, more and more people have been turning to spiritless drinks and mocktails. “The landscape has shifted a lot,” Crystal Sagan stated. “When I first started bartending, nobody would ever ask for a drink without alcohol, but now it’s really common.”

Sagan has been an event-specific bartender for over 10 years and has opened her own full-service boutique beverage and catering service called Cocktail Caravan. It has become apparent from serving various weddings and special events that non-alcoholic beverages are gaining popularity. “In the beginning, only a pregnant person would ask for an alcohol-free drink. Now, we have to work ahead to meet the demand.”

Photo courtesy of Cocktail Caravan

The company makes freshly-pressed and in-house juiced cocktail mixers for events ahead of time, also available for individual purchase through Cocktail Caravan’s new Mocktail and Cocktail Club. Those who join will get two 16 oz. bottles monthly of unique, limited-edition seasonal mixers for three months that can be mixed with sparkling water or your choice of liquor. They are made with local ingredients found at various farms or farmers’ markets, focusing on what will taste best. With drinking being such a prominent social activity, this program provides people who are sober or just do not want to drink that day a delicious alternative without the work. 

Each flavor directly correlates with the month it is available, with every bottle containing five drinks. “We want to make drinks that are approachable and easy,” Sagan explained. “They are clean, fresh and simple on purpose. There are a lot of palates we are trying to appease at events, so we want to create a happy medium for people and formulate something that has dimension to it.”

For the month of October, they are providing a Peach Panache, made with local Palisade peaches, ginger and citrus, and a Fade to Black Margarita Mix, which consists of lime, lemon, simple syrup and activated charcoal to achieve a ghoulish black mix. 

Photo courtesy of Cocktail Caravan

While consumers can purchase the mixers at any point, whether online or in a farmer’s market, the Mocktail Club gives members the special perk of having early access to the flavors that tend to sell out quickly. November will feature Hotchkiss Hustle with blackberries, black tea and basil, and Friday’s Folly presses pears, lemon and sage together in a refreshing libation. This round of the club will finish out with December’s offerings, including Vixen – a crisp mix of apples, maple and lemon – and Santa’s Little Helper, which will help you get in the holiday spirit with notes of fresh cranberry, rosemary and lemon. 

The care given to these concoctions is evident as they are full of depth and work well with a wide variety of additions. Each mixer stands on its own with special combinations of Colorado produce, unlike anything you have had before, resulting in delightful drinks that can be enjoyed at any time – with or without alcohol.

Cocktail Caravan’s mixers can be purchased online, at its storefront, or at farmers’ markets with its schedule listed here. 

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