Step Up your Red Rocks Concert Outfits for September

There is nothing quite like a Red Rocks outfit and concert in the soirées of September. As summer’s heat wanes off, a cool breeze sweeps in, setting the perfect stage for musical enchantment.

Amidst every performance, the city lights twinkle, mountains stand tall as a backdrop and sunsets transform into overtures. Anticipation builds as opening acts resonate, paving the way for the main act you’ve eagerly anticipated seeing for months.

This is your moment — a rendezvous with a musical experience like no other, in nature’s beauty, at one of Colorado’s greatest treasures. A chance to witness the artist you’ve yearned and dreamed of seeing, whose performance might just set your heart singing. 

Embrace the concerts of September at Red Rocks, where you can rediscover the sheer joy and unwavering passion for music. All of this unfolds in one of Colorado’s most breathtaking locations — a place that might just be one of the world’s finest for experiencing the magic of music.

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The Chainsmokers light up September 2- 3, while the Arctic Monkeys take the stage on the 18-19. And that’s just a few — brace yourself for an unforgettable month of music.

Mark your calendars for an electrifying lineup of EDM and techno concerts at Red Rocks this upcoming month. Catch Flume on the 12-13, followed by Louis the Child‘s dynamic set on the 23-24. The energy continues with Big Gigantic‘s performances on the 29-30. This is merely just a glimpse of the impressive roster of renowned artists ready to rock the month of September.

These three concerts — Flume, Louis the Child, and Big Gigantic — revolve predominantly around electronic music, offering concertgoers the opportunity to break away from the typical concert style and embrace more unique and expressive fashion choices – some almost adopting a costume.

Take Flume’s performances, for instance — many girls and young women opt for vibrant colors, neon accents, tinsel, sparkling embellishments, eye-catching bright eyeshadows, and more daring makeup. Those of the females in attendance often sport mesh fabrics and a spectrum of rainbow hues, complemented by elaborate hairstyles like buns and braids. Nor is it uncommon to spot girls sporting swimsuit tops, especially since these concerts fall in the early to mid-September timeframe when temperatures still linger in the 90s.

When it comes to men’s fashion choices, vibrant attire also takes center stage at these concerts. Alongside this, playful bucket hats and stylish sunglasses are popular accessories that add an extra layer of flair.

The clothing style for these types of concerts spans a wide spectrum, including dresses, skirts, tanks, and long sleeves — a true blend of individuality. The crowd that gravitates towards these concerts, the likes of Flume, Louis the Child, and Big Gigantic, tends to be composed mainly of teenagers and young adults. 

Reflecting on my own experiences, I attended Big Gigantic at Red Rocks during high school. Later, during my sophomore year of college, I had the pleasure of experiencing a performance by Louis the Child at the same iconic venue. Now, as I eagerly approach Flume’s upcoming show as a college senior, I find myself seeking fashion inspiration, uncertain about what to wear. 

Keeping up with the latest trends, let’s explore a range of outfit ideas that promise to elevate your experience at these upcoming electrifying concerts.

A Vision in Metallics

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The latest twist to the ongoing trend involves blending futuristic metallics with understated geek-chic essentials, creating an innovative yet introspective approach to metallic dressing.

When attending a concert, consider combining a metallic top or bottom with a casual piece to achieve a more relaxed look if desired. Alternatively, to maintain that vibrant flair, you can match it with another metallic element or perhaps experiment with a playful touch of reimagined denim.

Take, for instance, Zara’s captivating METALLIC HALTER TOP, a perfect match for a simple pair of white pants or even a chic black denim skirt. Zara’s user-friendly approach comes in handy; beneath their products, you’ll often find suggestions for complementary pieces or alternatives that go beautifully with your chosen selection. Alternatively, their METALLIC CAMISOLE is another option — pair it effortlessly with a skirt as well, or opt for a stylish fusion with pants or jeans.

Or consider Nordstrom’s Harlan Croc Embossed Metallic Crop Faux Leather Halter Top for a versatile top option that can easily become a staple in your wardrobe. The halter design lends itself to effortless dressing, making it suitable for various occasions, from casual to dressier ones.

Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom

For an understated yet sophisticated appearance and a pair of jeans that you’d eagerly wear again, consider their Z1975 MID RISE STRAIGHT CUT METALLIC JEANS. These jeans can be effortlessly paired with a minimalist top — of classic white or black, and if you’re looking to add more fun to your outfit, a vibrant color could do the trick.

Photo Courtesy of Zara

Looking for an alternative pant choice?

Explore Zara’s WIDE LEG METALLIC PANTS, which bring a touch of shine to the lower half of your ensemble. While this might not become a staple in your regular wardrobe, it could easily become a favorite for frequent concert-goers or as a stylish choice for your nights out.

Photo Courtesy of Zara

Shine Bright like a Diamond

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Shimmer and sparkle have consistently captured concert-goers’ hearts, cherished for the mesmerizing impact they create under the spell of colorful lighting.

Combine this RHINESTONE SEAMLESS BODYSUIT effortlessly with a pair of denim cutoffs or a pristine white skirt, particularly if you’re aiming for a warmer upper ensemble. For added pizzazz, consider Zara’s METAL RHINESTONE TOPa slightly more indulgent option that might just become your go-to for concerts or any lavish night out.

Also, consider their FRINGED SEAMLESS JEWEL CROP TOP as an option that you can easily incorporate into multiple outfits. Adorned with delicate jewels that shimmer and sway, this top possesses the potential to infuse life into any gathering, making it a vibrant choice for various occasions.

Photo Courtesy of Zara

Classy in Satin

Photo courtesy of Zara

Satin has gained popularity as a recent fashion trend due to its luxurious texture, versatility, and elegant sheen. Its smooth drape and comfortable feel make it a sought-after choice for both formal and casual wear, adding a touch of luxury and class to various outfits.

Experience added warmth and comfort in your lower ensemble by exploring Zara’s SATIN EFFECT PANTS WITH ZIPPERS. These pants, tailored for young adults, offer a mature yet trendy staple that seamlessly aligns with contemporary fashion trends, even transcending into professional settings.

Mesh is Best

Photo courtesy of Nordstroms

Mesh attire remains a popular favorite for concerts. Even as the weather cools down, the proximity of the crowd tends to keep you comfortably warm, particularly during September events. Opting for a mesh long sleeve, in particular, proves to be an excellent choice for outdoor concerts, ensuring you remain at the perfect temperature throughout the event.

Explore Nordstrom’s collection of mesh tops and bodysuits to infuse your wardrobe with a playful edge, perfect for enhancing your everyday staples and elevating your nightlife attire. For example, their Zadie Mesh Turtleneck Top.

Urban Outfitters consistently offers an eclectic range of distinctive attire suitable for concerts, lively gatherings, as well as both formal and casual occasions. Their store caters brilliantly to young adults and teens, providing a platform to elevate their wardrobe. 

When preparing for a concert, Urban Outfitters is undoubtedly a treasure trove of inspiration. Take, for instance, their Out From Under Libby Sheer Mesh Long Sleeve Top, perfect for continuing the playful mesh trend.

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters