How To Recreate Fall “Gilmore Girls” Outfits At Denver Boutiques

For many, rewatching Gilmore Girls is a major part of their fall bucket list each year. Although the comedy drama follows the characters’ lives year-round, there’s something about the fall episodes that draws viewers back in once the air gets crisp outside.

The show’s cozy, autumnal setting of Stars Hollow is almost as admired as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s iconic fall fashion moments. However, you don’t have to live in a quaint New England town to achieve Lorelai and Rory’s early 2000’s style.

Their laid-back outfits contain many basic pieces that are easy to find at local boutiques.

Keeping It Casual

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If you’re looking to apply ’90s and Y2k trends to fall fashion, look no further than Lorelai and Rory’s effortless outfits. While both know how to construct professional ensembles, their personalities shine best in their laid-back striped shirts and casual knit pieces. When they’re not in school or at work, they’re constantly seen in low-rise pants, baby tees and denim galore.

Denver boutiques like Meraki Moon and Inspyre Boutique, offer simple fall pieces that belong in a Gilmore Girls episode.

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Warm Neutrals

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These autumn ensembles fit in perfectly with fall festivities. Lorelai’s chocolate brown turtleneck, suede skirt and leather blazer combine to create a warm-toned outfit of varying textures. Meanwhile, Rory’s traditional black coat takes on a “dark academia” flavor when layered over a white collared shirt. To get the Gilmore Girls’ autumnal palette, Denver shops Lady Jones and Hailee Grace Boutique have embraced neutral colors this fall.

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Cozy Knits

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Rory’s popular “muumuu” sweater is the epitome of coziness. This creamy cable knit won’t look out of place in a 2023 fall wardrobe. Not only does it look comfortable, but is also an easy piece to create an outfit. Whether it’s worn with a skirt or a pair of wide-leg jeans, a chunky neutral knit can adapt to the fall pieces it’s paired with.

Denver boutiques carry plenty of options for cream sweaters like Rory’s, varying from pleasantly oversized to chicly cropped.

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