Denver Deluxe Festival is returning this weekend after 4 long years. The festival — which is taking place Saturday, September 30th in front of Park Burger in RiNo — will be a massive celebration of all the music, art and food that makes Denver such a beautiful place. The event is sponsored by New Belgium Brewing and presented by Park Burger and will feature live graffiti painting, a plethora of incredible food and a huge lineup of artists both local and national. Plus, it’s all for a great cause. 100% of the proceeds will benefit Colorado UpLift, a non-profit dedicated to investing in Colorado’s youth to ensure that they lead rich, healthy, successful lives.

The event was organized by Gastamo Group, a restaurant group composed of some of the most recognizable names in the Denver food scene. 303 Magazine spoke with the Group’s Chief Vision Officer, Peter Newlin, in order to learn as much about Denver Deluxe Festival as possible.

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Denver Deluxe

303 Magazine: To start, could you explain Gastamo Group and your role within it in your own words?

Peter Newlin: Gastamo Group is one of Denver’s most beloved restaurant groups and is made up of brands such as Park Burger, Perdida, Homegrown Tap & Dough, Lady Nomada, and Park & Co. As Chief Vision Officer, my role focuses on growth, development and restaurant design. I’ve always held the concept of community near to my heart and I strive to build stores that enlighten the communities they have the privilege to operate within.

303: Denver Deluxe is a celebration of all the best aspects of this city. Could you speak a little about what the Denver art, music and food community means to you?

PN: It means so much to me and the whole Gastamo team to create an atmosphere that welcomes musicians and artists to join us in celebrating the beautiful city of Denver.

I’ve always been a believer that you need to spend 10-15% of your time focusing on your passion, filling your heart and keeping that cup full. Denver Deluxe is a perfect example of that. It’s been amazing to bring Colorado companies together to promote a 100% non-profit event and to show the world that our small restaurant team’s passion can accomplish such an incredible community-oriented event for our city.

Denver Deluxe

303: What would you say has changed since the first Denver Deluxe? What can new and old attendees expect?

PN: This is our 5th Denver Deluxe festival. We took a four-year hiatus since our last event in 2019. Our first Denver Deluxe was in 2016. Since the first Denver Deluxe, we’ve gained more insight into how we can make this festival better and better each year.

Attendees can expect an epic lineup of musical talent and the core of the festival is and always will be about highlighting the amazing art community we have in Denver. This is the first year we have ever partnered with Colorado UpLift, which is a testament to our investment in the youth of Denver.

Our final performance at the festival this year will be with Joe Purdy. Years ago, I remember driving from Augusta to Charleston for my long road trip back to school and I would blast Joe Purdy the whole car ride. Having him perform this weekend brings me back to not only listening to him but really feeling his music and the sounds that inspire me. It truly is so special to have him play this beautiful final set to conclude the show.

303: I’m interested to know a bit more about your charity partner, Colorado Uplift. Could you tell us about the organization and why you’ve chosen them as your partners?

PN: Colorado UpLift is an amazing organization, and they are so important to the Denver community. Their mission is to build long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth, equipping them to thrive and contribute to their community. They place such a big emphasis on investing in the youth of this city and our mission aligns with theirs to put the youth first and to create this all-day event in the heart of the city for them.

303: The music lineup is quite eclectic, a mix of some hometown heroes and artists that may not have originated here but have become beloved in Denver nonetheless. Can you tell us a little bit more about it? 

PN: It has always been important to bring in all different genres of music and to curate a day filled with excitement. There will be performances ranging from reggae to underground to country to punk. Something for everyone! Our lineup this year is filled with amazing talent. We have folks from across the country as well as local legends from right here in Colorado. The schedule includes Langhorne Slim, Josh Meloy, Jade Bird, Mihali, Ballyhoo, Rob Drabkin, The Orchestrator, Fresh Fruit!, Kenny Cornbread, Joe Purdy, and Erin Stereo.

303: Finally, what are you most excited about this year’s Denver Deluxe?

PN: There are so many things I’m excited about! First, I’m stoked about the lineup. I think seeing the team come together and join in on the celebration will be fantastic as we watch the community dance together in the street.

It’s also amazing how many Denver businesses are involved in this whole event. We have 23 local partners who are bringing this festival back. This wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for all these companies that have this incredible commitment to Colorado.

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