CBurger Brings Local Regenerative Beef to Sanitas Brewing

The perfect pairing for local craft beer now lies in Sanitas’ Englewood taproom.

CBurger, a fully functional burger and fry stall, comes from the minds of chef Sam McCandless and leading local restaurateur Bryan Dayton of Half-Eaten Cookie Hospitality, responsible for Brider, OAK at Fourteenth, Boulder’s Corrida and more. During McCandless’s time at Corrida, he has leaned deep into the world of regenerative beef, pulling inspiration from creating a healthier ecosystem for both animals and humans. “It has been a really, really cool, meaningful project. That’s kind of what spawned CBurger, in the sense that we’re working with local ranchers to find regenerative beef that mirrors the quality of places like Spain,” explained McCandless. “The cows live way better lives. The cows work with the land. So, it’s not just a for-profit industry. That’s kind of like our North Star, and it’s hard to do that in the States.”

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Regenerative beef is not only beneficial to animals, but the process fosters healthy grasslands and soil while drawing carbon out of the atmosphere. The result is a more nutrient-dense and quality burger. McCandless hopes that this focus on the beef itself creates something beautiful in simplicity. “The inspiration for CBurger is just the regenerative beef. And making something that’s not in your face. It’s just a good burger,” he described. “But then we’re also doing something behind the scenes too, and the goal is to get people excited about something. Simple and straightforward, it’s for everybody.”

The menu is just that – simple, straightforward and delicious. CBurger offers the classics, including double cheeseburgers ($10), double hamburgers ($8) and a ColoRADo Double Cheeseburger ($12.50) with American cheese, smoked bacon and crispy jalapeños. The patties are smashburger style, with crisp sides and a mouth-watering flavor reminiscent of a burger lover’s dream. The fries – a necessary coupling – are crispy and salty, with the option of loading up with green chile, cheddar cheese and sour cream. Add a Sanita’s brew, and it’s the perfect comfort meal.

As the team behind it all leans deeper into the world of regenerative beef, they are all about spreading the word. Corrida is collaborating with the creators of Roots So Deep (you can spot the devil below), an upcoming documentary series centered on ecological concerns. This series delves into the role of small-scale farmers in combating the climate crisis by adopting regenerative agricultural practices aimed at preserving our soil. On Tuesday, October 10, you can catch a free one-night screening of Roots So Deep at the Dairy Arts Center, followed by a “Meat & Greet” at Corrida with food, drinks and a chance to meet filmmaker Peter Byck. Registration is required – save your spot here.

CBurger is located in Sanita’s Englewood location at 200 W Belleview Ave., Suite 100, Englewood. It is open daily, 12 – 9 p.m. 

The Roots So Deep one-night screening is Tuesday, October 10, at The Dairy Arts Center – Boedecker Room, 2590 Walnut St, Boulder, from 6 – 8:30 p.m., and the “Meat & Greet” runs from 9 – 10 p.m. at Corrida, 1023 Walnut St STE 400, Boulder. Reserve here. 

All photography courtesy of Lucy Beaugard.