In today’s social media landscape, Instagram has undoubtedly become a platform of immense popularity, attracting individuals aspiring to become influencers and businesses aiming to enhance their online presence.

Many individuals and businesses spend significant time and effort crafting the perfect Instagram posts to garner more likes. However, sometimes, despite their best efforts, the desired results still need to be achieved. This might be when you considered buying Instagram likes as an alternative to save yourself from the constant struggle.

We have done the hard work for you by reviewing over 50 brands to curate our list of the top 5 sites offering the real and active instagram likes.

Continue reading to find out what our top 5 sites to buy instagram likes!

Reviewing The Best Sites To Buy Instagram Likes

  • Media Mister: Recommended sites to get instagram likes online
  • Get A Follower: Best To Buy IG Likes At Cheap Rates
  • Buy Real Media: Best For Cheap Instagram Likes
  • StormViews: Buy real Instagram Likes At Affordable Prices

#1. Social Zinger: Overall Best Site To Buy Instagram Likes

Brand Overview

Social Zinger is an exceptional platform catering to individuals and businesses seeking to skyrocket their growth in the digital landscape via instagram likes. Their unwavering commitment to authenticity and timely delivery distinguishes them, granting content creators a valuable head start in boosting their visibility and engagement. 

With Social Zinger, users can confidently embark on their Instagram growth journey, knowing they are collaborating with a reputable brand renowned for delivering exceptional results.


Authentic Instagram Likes: With likes from real Instagram users, ensure your posts ascend in the Instagram algorithm and attract organic appreciation from real individuals.

Instant Gratification: Witness immediate results with likes delivered instantly, sparing you the wait of days or weeks for your desired impact. 

Timely Delivery Assured: Enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee, providing peace of mind that you will receive the likes you invested in.

Privacy and Security: Rest easy as the secure service at Social Zinger safeguards your personal information, preserving it from any sharing with third parties.


  • Package of 50 Likes – $1.99
  • Package of 100 Likes – $2.99
  • Package of 500 Likes – $9.99
  • Package of 1000 Likes – $19.99
  • Package of 2500 Likes – $39.99
  • Package of 5000 Likes – $69.99
  • Package of 10000 Likes – $99.99


  1. Provision of likes from real Instagram users.
  2. Swift delivery; every order is delivered either instantly or within 24 hours.
  3. Top-notch customer support
  4. Smooth and easily navigable website.
  5. Totally cost-effective


  1. Payment Methods can vary

#2. Media Mister: Recommended sites to get instagram likes online


Brand Overview

Media Mister has firmly established itself as a reputable player in purchasing instagram likes, earning the trust of countless creators.

Media Mister is known for its strategic approach to social media marketing, providing an effective means to garner more likes and improve your online presence on Instagram.


Organic and Gradual Delivery: Media Mister ensures a gradual delivery of instagram likes, providing a natural and steady growth pattern that aligns seamlessly with Instagram’s algorithms.

Targeted Audience: Maximize your brand or business promotion by targeting likes to specific countries and expanding your influence to reach customers in particular regions.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Take advantage of its commitment to your satisfaction, providing peace of mind that your investment is protected. If you are unsatisfied with the IG likes they delivered, you will be offered a refund.

Money-back guarantee: If you are satisfied with the likes delivered to you, you can always opt for a money-back guarantee from their end.

24/7 Support: Experience peace of mind with access to 24/7 customer support, ensuring you receive assistance promptly and efficiently.


When buying instagram likes from Media Mister, choose the likes type (posts, comments, TV, reels, Ad stories, or live videos), select a one-time or automatic package, specify country (including worldwide), and set the desired like quantity. 

Add your Instagram profile link; pricing varies based on the chosen type.

For example, here are the prices for likes under an Instagram Post on a one-time package.

  • Package of 25 Likes – $23.00
  • Package of 50 Likes – $45.00
  • Package of 100 Likes – $88.00


  1. Guaranteed refund in case of unsatisfied delivery.
  2. Availability of free trial.
  3. Extensive customer support is available.


  1. It might take time to navigate through its website. 

#3. Get A Follower: Best To Buy IG Likes At Cheap Rates

Brand Overview

As a dependable name in the niche of buying Instagram likes, Get a Follower emerges as a trusted ally for content creators seeking to boost their account growth. 

Get a Follower emerges as a trusted ally for content creators seeking to enhance their Instagram growth, confidently navigating your Instagram journey and gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic world of social media.


Availability of Various Packages: At Get A Follower, you are provided with various plans tailored to suit your budget and preferences.

Genuine Followers: Enjoy instant instagram likes from real users, amplifying engagement and expanding your reach to a broader audience.

Swift Delivery Offered: Witness rapid results with swift delivery, allowing you to experience the impact of your purchase without delay.

Privacy and Security: Rest assured of your safety and privacy with Get a Follower’s secure website, safeguarding your personal information.

Refund Guarantee: With a satisfaction guarantee in place, you can confidently explore the service, knowing you can seek a refund if dissatisfied with your experience.

Extensive Customer Support: Count on 24/7 customer support from Get a Follower, assisting whenever you need it, whether you have inquiries or encounter any issues.


Select the purpose of your Instagram likes (posts, comments, TV, reels, Ad stories, or live videos), then choose a One-time or automatic package with desired country and quantity. Optionally, provide your Instagram profile link for efficient processing. 

Pricing varies based on the selected purpose.

For example, here are the prices for likes under an Instagram Post on a one-time package in the US.

  • Package of 25 Likes – $23.00
  • Package of 50 Likes – $45.00
  • Package of 100 Likes – $88.00


  1. Various packages to choose from. 
  2. Guaranteed refund in case you are not satisfied.
  3. The customer support team is available 24/7.


  1. Products are on the pricier side.

#4. Buy Real Media: Best For Cheap Instagram Likes

Brand Overview

BuyRealMedia has carved a solid reputation in the realm of buying likes, followers, and everything similar in the niche of the social media landscape. 

With a focus on providing high-quality Instagram likes, Buy Real Media ensures that your posts receive genuine engagement from real users. This platform is ideal for those who value authenticity and seek to improve their credibility on Instagram. 


Genuine Likes: Experience genuine and active likes from Buy Real Media, ensuring authentic engagement from real Instagram likes from genuine users, further enhancing your account.

Rapid Delivery: Benefit from swift delivery, with likes arriving within minutes of purchase, allowing you to see immediate results from your investment.

Secure Payment Methods: Rest assured of secure payment methods, safeguarding your purchase and ensuring a worry-free transaction.

No Bots Involved: Enjoy the confidence of knowing that no bots or fake accounts deliver likes, guaranteeing that your posts receive genuine appreciation from real users.

Flexible Plans Available: Choose from a range of flexible pricing plans to suit your budget and select the one that perfectly aligns with your needs.


Choose a one-time package or an automatic subscription, and indicate your location for worldwide availability. Specify desired likes quantity and share your Instagram profile link. Pricing varies based on the types of likes purchased from the service provider.

For example, here are the prices for likes under an Instagram Post on a one-time package in the US.

    • Package of 50 Likes – $2.00
    • Package of 100 Likes – $3.00
    • Package of 250 Likes – $4.00
  • Package of 500 Likes – $6.00
  • Package of 1000 Likes – $9.00
  • Package of 2500 Likes – $15.00
  • Package of 5000 Likes – $26.00
  • Package of 10000 Likes – $47.00
  • Package of 25000 Likes – $110.00
  • Package of 50000 Likes – $212.00
  • Package of 250000 Likes – $1027.00


  1. Massive packages are available for purchase.
  2. An affordable option for most potential buyers.
  3. Delivery is quick, with even the most extensive packages delivered in under five days.


  1. Customer support is not the most extensive.

#5. StormViews: Buy real Instagram Likes At Affordable Prices

Brand Overview

StormViews has garnered widespread acclaim, solidifying its position as a reputable and trustworthy brand with specialized services for purchasing Instagram likes. 

With competitive prices, StormViews provides an affordable solution to gain traction on the platform. With StormViews’ assistance, content creators can confidently foster growth, enhancing their online presence and making a remarkable impact within the digital sphere.


Country and Gender Targeting: Even though country and age targeting is standard, it is uncommon to see a site providing gender-based targeting.

Privacy and Security: No matter how small or big the package you opted for is, there is no password required to set up an account. 

Rapid Delivery: All orders, regardless of the package size, are delivered instantly.


    • Package of 50 Likes – $1.39
    • Package of 100 Likes – $2.99
    • Package of 500 Likes – $6.99
  • Package of 750 Likes – $9.99
    • Package of 1000 Likes – $11.99
  • Package of 2500 Likes – $23.99
    • Package of 5000 Likes – $35.99
    • Package of 10000  Likes – $54.99
    • Package of 20000 Likes – $99.99
  • Package of 30000 Likes – $129.99
  • Package of 50000 Likes – $249.99


  1. An affordable option compared to other significant sites.
  2. Features like country and gender targeting.
  3. Delivery of over 1 billion likes.


  1. The user interface could be better.

Things To Consider Before You Buy Instagram Likes

Credibility and Reputation of the Site: Look for sites with a strong reputation and positive customer reviews. A trustworthy provider will deliver real and genuine IG likes.

Quality of Likes the Site Offers: Focus on sites that offer high-quality instagram likes from real accounts. Authentic engagement from real users will have a more positive impact on your profile and audience.

Targeting Options: Some reputable providers offer targeting options, allowing you to receive insta likes from specific demographics or regions. 

Safety and Security: Prioritize platforms that offer secure payment methods and protect your personal information.

Customer Support Available at the Site: Choose a provider that offers reliable customer support. 

Affordability and Transparency: Compare prices across different platforms and opt for one that offers competitive rates without compromising quality. 

Refund Policy: Check if the platform offers a refund policy if the service doesn’t meet your expectations. A fair refund policy indicates the company’s confidence in its offerings.

Engagement Diversity Offered: Look for platforms that offer various engagement services beyond instagram likes, such as comments and saves.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying Likes For Instagram Account?

Research Reliable Providers: Take the time to research reputable websites that offer Instagram likes. Look for platforms with positive customer reviews and a proven track record of delivering authentic, high-quality likes.

Verify Customer Support: Check if the provider offers reliable customer support. A responsive and helpful support team can address any concerns or issues during the process.

Look for Secure Payment Options: Prioritize websites that offer secure payment methods. Ensure that your personal and financial information is protected throughout the transaction.

Avoid Unrealistic Promises: Be cautious of sites that promise instant or unrealistic results. Organic growth takes time, and genuine engagement is more valuable in the long run.

Refund Policy Assurance: Check for a fair refund policy before using a platform to ensure their commitment to resolving customer issues.

Stay Clear of Cheap Services: Meager prices might be tempting but often indicate low-quality or fraudulent services. Invest in reputable providers even if they are slightly more expensive.

Avoid Any Request that Seems Suspicious: Be cautious of websites asking for your Instagram login credentials. Reputable providers should not require such sensitive information.

Carefully Read the Terms and Conditions: Take the time to read and understand the terms and conditions of the service. This will give you insights into their policies and processes.

Check for Social Proof: Look for evidence of the provider’s legitimacy, such as testimonials or case studies from satisfied customers. 

FAQs About Buying Instagram Likes

Q1. How to Use Insta Likes to Grow Your Business?

To grow your business, create engaging content, buy real instagram likes to boost visibility, interact with users, and drive traffic to your website or affiliate links.

Q2. What’s the Best Time to Buy Instagram Likes?

Optimize impact by buying likes on instagram immediately after posting great content or during peak audience activity for maximum reach and engagement.

Q3. How to Track the Results of Your Instagram Likes?

Track results with Instagram Insights, observe follower growth and use UTM parameters and analytics tools to monitor referral traffic for insights.

Q4. Is Buying Instagram Likes Safe for My Account?

Buying instagram likes from reputable providers offering real likes is safe for your account. Avoid platforms that ask for login credentials and choose reliable services with a track record of customer satisfaction.

Q5. Can Buying Instagram Likes to Lead to More Sales?

Yes, purchasing instagram likes can increase your post’s visibility, attract more followers, and potentially lead to more sales for your affiliate marketing efforts. 

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Which Is The Best Site For Buying Instagram Likes?

If you wish to establish yourself as a prominent Instagram personality, garnering a substantial number of likes on your posts is vital. The recommended sites mentioned earlier offer authentic Instagram likes in 2023, ensuring you receive genuine engagement.

However, Social Zinger takes the cake, considering all the factors like reliability, competitive prices, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the timely delivery of likes creates an organic appearance, safeguarding your account’s reputation on Instagram.

Once you acquire new Instagram likes from your desired audience, you can effectively enhance your social media presence. Many of these likes can convert into potential customers or strict followers, making this investment highly valuable.