Women’s Fall Fashion Trends You Should Know

While everyone enjoys warm weather, the fall season is slowly approaching and with that comes fall fashion. This article has upcoming fall trends that include popular silhouettes, like the return of the peplum, high water hemlines and deep C necks. Along with popular silhouettes are up and coming fall colors. This fall is full of bold and bright colors to mix and match for any type of outfit. Mix and match these silhouettes and colors to create the best looks! 

Read more to find out where to purchase these fall looks and see what outfits should be filling your closet this fall season. 

The Peplum       

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It’s the return of the peplum. The peplum is a strip of fabric that gathers at the waist of a garment and forms a freestanding ‘flounce’ over the hips. It was last at its peak in the 2010s. 

During this time, the peplum was a bit more sophisticated and classic. Now the peplum is taking it to a new level with different shapes and styles. This classic chic style can spice up any outfit. You can either dress it up with a nice pair of slacks or dress it down with a cute pair of jeans.

Peplum-style dresses and skirts are great for more business-style outfits with their chic-fitted look. This pairs great with heels and a workbag. 

Stores to purchase these looks: Express, Anthropologie, Venus

High Water hemlines 

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Dramatic maxi skirts and extreme mini skirts are perfect not only for warm weather but the upcoming fall season — the only difference is the hem. Hemline skirts rest above your ankle but stay below the knee. These will be seen in many different styles from, flowy with slits, to chic and fitted. Paired with a fitted top and sneakers, it’s perfect for a summer, fall transition.

Stores to purchase these looks: Banana Republic, Free People, Forever 21

Deep V-Necks

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The V necks are back, and they are deeper and chicer than ever. From spring to summer, and even fall, these deep v-necks are taking over the fashion world. Dresses and shirts are utilizing this silhouette in our favor. Creating a very sophisticated and sexy neckline gives women a lot of freedom to style their outfits and accessorize with jewelry. These make any outfit look effortless and classy, at the same time. In the past, they were form-fitting shirts and now they have a more retro, vintage look and feel to them. Rather than a risqué feel, they’re now more classy than ever before. 

Store to purchase these looks: Rumored, Free People, Showpo

With popular silhouettes come different colors and shades to style. Colors that have already been hitting the fall runway include rich reds, olive oil greens, and shades of a mellower yellow. When most people think of fall they think of neutral colors but clearly, that’s not the case with these popular colors. 

Rich Red 

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The color red has always been a staple but now, it’s more prevalent than ever before. Different shades of red have been seen during Fall Fashion Week. More specifically, monochromatic looks have been stealing the show. Though red is a very bold color there are still ways to incorporate this color without having to stand out. Using a plain, neutral colored shirt like white, nude, or black, matched with a red pair of jeans is just the right amount of pop without being too out there.

Stores to purchase this color: Banana Republic, ASOS 

Olive Oil Green

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For celebrities like Priyanka Jonas, Emily Ratajkowsk, Kate Middleton, and Rebel Wilson this color has been a fall favorite. 

Similar to vintage chartreuse, the olive green color is richer and bolder. Though this color can be dressed down with a more casual dress set or just match with a simple pair of jeans, it is often seen in fancier outfits like dramatic dresses or formal business wear like Kate Middleton often wears. This color is great for a night out because you will be sure to stand out in this color. Sticking to the monochromatic look, these make for a very sleek style. 

Stores to purchase this color: ASOS, Showpo, Pretty Little Thing

Mellow Yellow 

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Different shades of yellow have been popping up throughout fall and winter runway shows. This color is perfect for any event. For a dressed up look, an olive yellow dress or skirt makes for a great outfit. For business wear, yellow blazers are perfect for spicing up your look and adding a pop of color. For those who want to dress down a bit more, it pairs well with jeans and slacks. This brings us a little taste of Vitamin D for those cold fall days. 

Stores to purchase this color: Lucy In The Sky, Oh Polly, Free People

As we prepare to say goodbye to the warm weather, it’s time to focus on cooler fall days ahead. Getting ahead on these upcoming fall trends will make this transition from warm weather to cold a lot more enjoyable and easier. So get up and start purchasing some of these fall favorites. 

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