5 Summer Dress Trends For Your Wardrobe, From Barbie Pink to Crochet Knits

As the summer heat sets in, the need for a comfortable and trendy dress is vital for your next vacation, concert or night out on the town. This season’s dress trends have been influenced by celebrity vacation looks, upcoming film releases and 1990s nostalgia. With local stores like Electric Dream Boutique and Recital, as well as online fashion brands like Lulus and Aritzia, there’s no shortage of places to find this season’s most vogue dresses.

Here is the ultimate shopping guide for finding a go-to dress this summer.

Think Pink

Hot pink has never been hotter in the fashion world as audiences anticipate the upcoming “Barbie” film. Margot Robbie, who portrays the title character, has set the media abuzz with her fuchsia Barbie-inspired looks leading up to the film’s release.

Barbie’s iconography is saturated with bright shades of pink that integrate perfectly into a vibrant summer dress collection.

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Crushing On Crochets

Crochet knit dresses have become a staple this summer by taking style cues from celebrity vacation looks. Available in a variety of styles, the crochet dress can come in neutral shades or explode with spunky colors and patterns.

When looking for a stylish yet comfortable and breathable summer dress, a crochet knit is the answer.

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Slipping Back Into the ’90s

In the wake of nostalgia for the 1990s fashion era, a flowy and simple slip dress has dominated summer dress trends. This throwback trend is easy to wear in the heat of the day and exudes elegance as evening wear. True to ’90s minimalism, a sleek black slip dress is a classic addition to any summer wardrobe.

One benefit to wearing a simple slip dress is that it’s the ideal canvas for adding bold or classic accessories. A pair of posh sunglasses or a stylish summer bag could supply extra personality to a slip dress outfit.

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Festive Florals

It comes as no surprise that a floral midi or maxi dress belongs in every summer dress collection. Floral sundresses are suitable for a variety of summer activities, including weddings, concerts, and casual gatherings. Due to its versatility and timeless appeal, 2023 is as good a time as any to claim a floral dress for your summer closet.

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Mesh Madness

When out and about in the summer heat, there’s nothing more refreshing than wearing a light and airy fabric while still rocking a look. Mesh and semi-sheer dresses have gained favor as the 1990s and Y2K trends circle back into the popular zeitgeist.

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