Men’s Latest Fashion

As Denver’s fashion community continues to grow, we are constantly seeing new trends, up and coming boutiques, stores and designers. The expansion of stores and designers in the Denver fashion scene not only means an expansion for women’s fashion but men’s as well. 

Fashion most often is associated with women because we always hear about their rapidly changing trends. Due to the fixation on women’s fashion, men’s fashion often gets pushed aside, even though their fashion scene is growing just as much. 

Here are the latest trends in men’s fashion, where to shop to stay on trend and what men’s fashion events you should attend. 

New Trends

Sleeker looks 

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We are starting to see sleek Italian looks take over the Denver streets. While it’s a simple look, it can never go wrong. It’s an outfit that is acceptable for any occasion, whether you are trying to dress more laid back, or if you are dressing up for a nice dinner. From soft cream colors to a matching colored button up it’s an easy and sophisticated look that will be a timeless piece for all men. 

Trousers and dress pants 

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While keeping the theme of sleeker looks, trousers and dress pants have become very popular in men’s fashion. Trousers and dress pants can be styled in any way that suits your personality. These pants can be matched with an oversized shirt for a casual look or can be easily dressed up with a button down. 

Cross Body Bags

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Cross body bags are a staple in men’s fashion. These bags are both practical and fashionable. While you can use this bag for carrying your personal items, it is also used as a major fashion statement for any outfit.

Button ups 

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A button up is a great tool to spice up any outfit. Button ups make any look appear sleeker beachy, business, or edgier. These are a great staple piece to add and style with any outfit to your liking. On top of the style, they are also super lightweight and very easy to travel with. With the light fabric, these shirts are perfect for the summer.

Stores you should keep your eyes out for


Photo courtesy of Steadbrook

Steadbrook is a Denver based, elevated, menswear clothing shop that provides offers from different designers and brands all over the world. Some designers include EastpakHuman Made, Our Legacy, and many more.

You can visit them in person at 3151 Larimer St or online.

Andrisen Morton

Photo courtesy of Andrisen Morton

Looking for luxury men’s clothing? Andrisen Morton has been a luxury men’s retailer since 1979. Andrisen Morton holds Made-to-Measure events with top brands around the world and gives you access to a unique shopping experience. They also provide top-of-the-line tailoring and seamstress work to assure you have the perfect fit. Along with these benefits they also do personal hand delivery whenever you are for free.

You can check out their store at 270 St Paul St. or online

Abstract Denver

Photo courtesy of Abstract Denver

Abstract Denver, formally named INDYINK, started in 2002 when they only did screen printing. When a retail storefront opened on Broadway, they decided to take the opportunity and move. With a bigger location, they were in need of more designs so they reached out to local artists to help fill shelves with unique designs and limited offers. As the screenprinting and retail line were both continuing to grow they were in need of more space.

They took this opportunity to give the retail store its own identity and named it Abstract. They found a home for Abstract on Santa Fe in the Denver Art District in 2018. As part of the First Friday art show, they collaborated on a limited run of apparel with the featured artist. They carry some of the best streetwear brands available.

You can check out their store located at 742 Santa Fe Dr. or check out their stuff online.

Fashion is very much up and coming in Denver, and that’s the beauty of it. Everyone gets to express themselves differently. With Men’s Fashion Week ending we can expect some shifts in trends that will trickle into the Denver fashion scene.

Even though men’s fashion doesn’t receive as much attention, it still continues to grow and is definitely here to stay.