Cirrus Social Club Makes the Cannabis Lounge Experience a Slow Burn

Denver is no stranger to cannabis culture, and one of the newest business ventures people are expanding on is cannabis lounges. Much like ordering drinks at a bar, patrons can order and sample a variety of cannabis. The Original Cannabis Cafe opened in California in 2019 and only a handful have opened up in Colorado since then. The Cirrus Social Club seeks to provide a place where people can enjoy state-legal cannabis while providing a luxurious experience for locals and those traveling to Denver.

“It’s a destination business as much as a local friendly business, which is huge. We’re trying to bring cannabis tourism back to Colorado. And Cirrus is looking to keep it simple for people just coming in,” said Founder and Denver Native Arend Richard.  “There’s not really any lighting up like people imagine — no paper, joints or blunts. Instead, there are things like a “volcano” of THC vapor that’s more gentle on the lungs in the center or consumption through glass.”

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Drag Artist Heidi N Closet, left, speaks with Arend Richard, right, during the 4/20 High Tea Sesh at Cirrus Social Club.

Richard has been a pioneer in working with and around the business of cannabis, having co-founded Canna4ClimateDay, incentivizing stoners to clean up after the typical 4/20 festivities, and co-hosted the only LGBQT+ cannabis event “The Glitter Bong Bash”.

He also helped with the now-defunct site TheWeedTube from 2019 until April 2 of this year. His motivation to do more for the community comes from his own experiences with cannabis and how it helped him grow as a person.

“When you get people together to have some drinks, a fight can happen, or a big argument can happen. Getting people together to smoke, people laugh and talk about the world and how to be better. I think a little bit more of what cannabis can do for the world can go a long way,” says Richard.

A menagerie of assorted delicacies from Cirrus Social Club’s High Tea event for 4/20.

Richard also seeks to give Cirrus a local flair, being a business for Colorado, by a Coloradan, and hopes to connect with other local entrepreneurs who want to join him in making this business flourish.

Looking to present Cirrus as “luxury leaning glamour” in its aesthetic, Richard is going for something more floral and feminine vs. the more gruff and masculine vibes similar businesses go for. Richard says a motivating factor behind that was whether or not his first-class flying, bougie nana would be happy to be there, and having her as the ultimate clientele helped keep his expectations high. Even the merchandise plays with this idea, with shirts that say “Your grandma would love it here” in production. The same mindset was placed with the menu too, trying to keep it simple for anyone curious so they’re not overwhelmed by the offerings.

, 303 magazine, Cannabis, Cannabis Culture, Cannabis Culture, Nightlife, Colfax, Denver.
A selection of glass is on display for consumer use to partake of the offerings at Cirrus Social Club.

“Cirrus is less of a place for major cannabis consumers and more for people who enjoy a social experience and trying something different. It’s catered to simplicity, especially for newcomers” Richard explained. “You know, I would just think to myself, like it’s for my nana.”

Cirrus is set to open in the fall of 2023, on historic Colfax Ave, with a couple of weeks worth of special events planned for and around the grand opening.

All Photos Provided by Cirrus Social Club

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