Quixotic’s Sensatia Denver Cirque Cabaret is a Must See

sensatia Denver
Now performing: Sensatia Denver cirque cabaret.

Move over Vegas, Denver’s got a new sultry cabaret taking center stage. Produced by Quixotic, an innovative live performance art collective, Sensatia Cirque Cabaret which began in Miami, wooing audiences with a sensory experience that is out of this world, has now made its way to the Mile High City.

Coloradans might be familiar with some of Quixotic’s other Denver endeavors including Red Rocks, ARISE Music Festival and Sonic Bloom. So, for Anthony Magliano, founder and executive creative director of Quixotic, it made sense to bring Sensatia to Denver. 

A unique immersive experience showing in the River North Art District (RiNo), Sensatia debuted its Denver residency on July 15, 2023, with four seasons already under its belt with residencies in Miami and Kansas City. 

Staged at The Arch, formerly Epic Brewing, Quixotic’s creative team has transformed the once brewery and taproom into a 250-seat theatre complete with its own bar and lounge for guests to enjoy before, during and after the show with thoughtfully crafted cocktails.  

sensatia, Denver, the arch
Sensatia Cirque Cabaret debuted in Denver on July 15, 2023.

“We are embarking on our newest journey in the heart of Denver’s creative RiNo Art District and connecting with its dynamic art scene,” said Magliano, founder at Quixotic. “As we expand nationally, Sensatia is a perfect fit for this adventurous city. We can’t wait to share artistry, creativity and passion with this community.”

Comprised of elaborate cabaret vignettes, Sensatia tells the tale of two uninspired artists — a mechanical ballerina and an overworked violinist — who follow a tempting muse and stumble upon the sumptuous backstage of a fantasy cabaret, where their passion for their respective arts are awakened. Using over-the-top aerial routines, fire artistry, live music and seductive sequences one can’t help but be mesmerized. 

Sensatia Denver
Performers soared above the audience for an over-the-top performance.

The show feels like a wet dream you don’t want to be woken from. Ninety minutes long with no intermissions, it’s filled to the brim with sexy seductions, a mind-bending contortionist, a violin performance lit on fire and so much more. 

Sensatia Denver
Mind-bending contortionist wows the crowd.

“Our interactive shows fluidly evolve over time creating a unique experience for returning audiences. Throughout the residency we will bring in performers from other cities and integrate local artists,” continued Magliano. “Being in the city that complements our energy brings depth to the experience for both viewers and performers. By mixing classic with contemporary, the eclectic outing is unique and cross-generational.”

Sensatia Denver
Violinist and fire artistry light up the stage at Sensatia.

Sensatia promises to be a truly opulent and seductive night out for you and all five of your senses. So, grab your ticket and fly high into the imaginative world of Sensatia for a night like no other.

The show is running now, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until July 29, 2023. Quixotic plans to produce the show for as long as there is shown interest in Denver.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the box office the night of the event, ranging in price from $39.00 to $104.00.

*all images by Jessica Hughes

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