Find Space to Roam in Colorado with Overlanding

The unofficial start to summer has officially begun and with that so begins the planning of summer trips. But unfortunately, it also means the arrival of summer crowds. Luckily, in Colorado, there are many places to adventure without all the people, you just have to take a few more steps to get there. 

If you’re looking for a little extra space to roam this summer, without the crowds, another way to explore Colorado’s remote outdoors is with Overlanding — a combination of remote travel, off-roading and camping. It typically involves traveling long distances across various landscapes, such as deserts, mountains, forests, or jungles, using off-road vehicles or rugged, modified vehicles like trucks, SUVs, or motorcycles — all with the goal of discovering remote or less-traveled destinations.

overlanding, taxa outdoors

Overlanding for everyone with TAXA Outdoors. Photo credit: Nicole Handel

Over the last several years, Overlanding has become a trendy activity in the U.S., but this outdoor experience has been around since the early 1900s. “Back then it was sort of all about Land Rover kind of expeditions,” says Garrett Finney, the owner and creator behind TAXA Outdoors. “It has now formed into something more. I like to think of it as your chance to go down the road you’ve always wanted to explore and now you can.” 

What was once just about serious expeditions, only for the experts, TAXA Outdoors, and other outfitters, have made Overlanding more accessible to those who want to take their camping adventures one step further but don’t necessarily like RVing.

“RVing is about having a house on wheels and for me that is not my idea of an outdoor adventure,” says Finney. “I want to go into the wild. I find something very magical about talking over a campfire and staring at the stars.”

Inspired by his own need to explore the outdoors how he wanted, Finney started TAXA Outdoors, with the Cricket being their first product. “We are really good at being off the grid,” he says. Their mobile human habitats are the perfect catalyst to get already-curious campers one step further into the wilderness. 

overlanding, taxa outdoors

The TigerMoth Overland from TAXA Outdoors. Photo credit TAXA Outdoors.

The mobile habitats range in size from small to medium, relative to the RV world. They have four distinct overland trailers, including their smallest the Woolly Bear, mostly for life outside except when you want to be inside. A good mid-size option is the Cricket, offering the comforts of cooking and eating inside. 

“Think of this as your campsite, up off the ground, that can be towed by your car,” says Finney. It’s like camping with protection from bad weather, and bugs and a place to perform life’s necessities like changing your kid’s diaper. “It’s a way to comfortably enjoy the outdoors in something totally different than what you would be doing at home or in an RV.” 

The Mantis is the larger more luxurious vehicle with a furnace and a shower and bathroom inside as well. 

overlanding, taxa outdoors, mantis

The Mantis Overland. Photo credit: Mary Hannah Hardcastle.

When trying to choose a habitat for yourself, Finney suggests thinking about your needs when you are camping. What are you willing to do without or what you must have for your outdoor expedition? It really all depends on your personal style and needs. 

“The great part of owning a habitat is that is always 80% packed and all you need to do is add the food and drink or toys/equipment that you need for the adventure you are going on.”

For those wondering if there are any special skills required, Finney says no. “But it’s good to practice before you head out for your first time,” he says, encouraging first-timers. “While some overlanding does involve technical driving, it’s always best to check out your route before you begin.”

If you’re wondering if overlanding is for you, Finney says, “the training wheels are the car you already own. Anyone with an all-wheel drive vehicle can use these habitats. You can go as far as you can with the equipment and with any car you own.” 

Prices range from $14,000 to $50,000 for the cost of equipment. Find your next adventure at or at a nearby dealer The Great Outdoors RV in Greeley or at B&B RV in Denver.