Denver Fashion Week Day Three: Fashion Industry Workshop

Nelly Biche, Chelsea Drew, Hailee Lucchesi, Kim Rayfeild, Nikki Strickler, and David Rossa joined Denver Fashion Week last night for a very intimate and informative workshop. 

With front-row seating and open questions throughout the night, it was an event to remember. 

Photo by Lauren Lippert

This panel was about the creative’s experience and some advice to those who are looking to get into the fashion industry. 

There were many different topics touched on through the night like sustainability and the uniqueness that Denver has in the fashion world. The creatives go on to say that sustainability is becoming so much bigger in the fashion industry. 

With serious talks about sustainability and the positive effects that it can have in our fashion industry, the panelists switch over to talk about how art is viewed differently these days.

With technology growing and AI having a strong presence, this scares the artists in the fashion world. 

Alongside AI is social media’s effect on how consumers look at art these days. 

Photo by David Rossa

With the overwhelming amount of media we consume on a daily basis, we get caught up in it and forget about the importance of art. 

A message that the creatives were really pushing to say was that fashion is so much more than “looking good”. There is so much passion and freedom that we get to explore in the fashion industry and that’s what makes it so exciting. 

After the audience was finished asking their questions and the panel was over, there were opportunities to go up and speak one on one to the creatives from the panel. 

They were giving personal advice to new designers in the industry, and people who are wanting to open up their first stores. 

After getting to sit up close and listen to the feedback from these creatives you were sure to get some great advice. 

Photo by Lauren Lippert

The creatives urge the fashion community to push for their dreams and do what they can to keep this industry strong and growing. 

The Fashion Industry Workshop was a very special night in Denver Fashion Week. Make sure you check out their work and get your upcoming tickets here