Some people are naturally blessed when it comes to cooking and creating exquisite dishes. That’s certainly the case for Yari, the founder of Areyto, a one-of-a-kind Puerto Rican food truck based in Denver, Colorado.  

Yari was passionate about food from a very young age. Growing up in Puerto Rico, she was surrounded by delicious cuisine, which only fueled her love for cooking. 

As Yari recalls, she first realized her love for cooking when she made lasagna for her entire family at the age of 12. She amazed her whole family with her cooking skills. By age 13, she was already experimenting with frying chicken in her parents’ kitchen–even if it did result in a bit of a mishap! 

Yari moved to Colorado in 2012, where she felt the absence of Puerto Rican cuisine. She deeply missed the rich flavors and dishes of her homeland. 

However, the longing for Puerto Rican food ultimately led her to start Areyto in 2016, which has been serving delicious and authentic dishes since then. Yari decided to start a food truck that would bring the flavors of Puerto Rico to Denver. She wanted the people of Colorado to experience what Puerto Rico’s cuisine had in store.  

Yari met her business partner Erik Carballo in 2015, who helped bring her vision to life. Yari’s creativity and culinary talent and Erik’s expertise made a wonderful combo. Areyto quickly became a sensation in Denver. 

The food truck has won the “Best Food Truck” award in Colorado for three years. It has even appeared on an episode of the Food Network show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.” They received an overwhelming response from the public, which only encouraged them to do better. 

The food truck’s success has taken Yari and her team on some incredible adventures. They have done it all, from catering for 450 employees at Denver International Airport and driving their trucks through the airport amidst airplanes. 

Furthermore, Areyto has been featured in a book and various articles. Now, they are participating in Denver’s 2023 Fashion Week, merging Yari’s two passions: food and fashion. 

Yari and her team have always focused on delivering a great food experience to their customers. It’s taken many trials and errors to perfect their dishes. They are incredibly proud of all they have accomplished over the years. 

Bringing the flavors and culture of Puerto Rico to Denver has been a dream come true. Yari and her team are thrilled to see more diversity in the city’s culinary landscape. The people of Denver have been incredibly supportive of Areyto. Yari hopes to continue serving the Denver Metro Area for years and keep growing and evolving her business. 

For Yari, her food truck is more than a business model – it is about sharing a part of her heritage and culture with the world. Yari’s passion grew into a successful food truck business, and it all started with a simple lasagna dish.

Her story inspires people who aspire to follow their passions and build something of their own. Areyto’s success in Denver is a reminder that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and luck!