SKYE|AIRE Returning To Denver Fashion Week

As we leap into spring, Denver Fashion Week (DFW) prepares to hit the ground running. Kicking off on night one of DFW, Local Couture, Skye Barker Maa will be returning to the runway with SKYE|AIRE

SKYE|AIRE was launched for the first time last November during DFW and they will be returning in May.

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SKYE|AIRE debuted their first collection at DFW in November of 2022. “I knew I wanted to debut SKYE|AIRE at DFW because they have been a really big supporter of me and my businesses,” said SKYE|AIRE designer, Maa. 

With such outstanding success for SKYE|AIRE during last year’s DFW show, she was honored to be given the opportunity to return this Spring.

Maa talks about different ways that SKYE|AIRE is unique and what we can expect to see in the upcoming DFW Show. 

SKYE|AIRE builds a massive connection with the people who are wearing their designs, so much so that designer Maa makes her dresses specifically for her models.

SKYE|AIRE brings a unique new concept to the Denver fashion scene throughattention to detail and the creation of a meaningful garment. Maa explains though she builds the dress for her models, she comes up with the ideas beforehand.

“I have all the styles designed, etc. but you know, they also evolve once I pick the models, based on the model’s personality,” said SKYE|AIRE designer, Maa. She is all about making a design special to someone and having it be their own. 

After the creation of the garment is complete, the piece is then named after the model it was designed for. 

SKYE|AIRE creates clothing that showcases every type of person. “I like to make sure I have a really diverse group of models… age, height, weight, ability, everything,” said Maa. “I just want to make sure that I am representing a full range of humans and looks.” 

SKYE|AIRE’s dedication to making such a personal piece can come with some challenges. As a designer on the go, traveling from show to show, you encounter many models who are of different sizes. 

Maa noticed some tips and tricks to add to her collocation to help with this challenge. This is also some of the inspiration we can see behind her collection coming in Spring. 

These bodycon dresses are a stretchy knit material, allowing the piece to fit a larger range of models. With these more traditional, stretchy knit dresses, SKYE|AIRE will provide these dresses for a more wearable design. 

Another reason SKYE|AIRE is so unique is that designer Maa has been behind the scenes and understands the different roles and all the people involved. Knowing this, she understands the extensive amount of work and people that it takes to put on a production like DFW. 

With that, they have learned how many people it takes to make DFW happen. “It is so much bigger than I think people acknowledge. I just really want to acknowledge the depth of people that are involved in the industry, as artists who contribute and create,” said Maa. 

Each designer works differently in the way they prepare for a show. When asking SKYE|AIRE what sort of preparations they take on for a night like DFW, Maa explains all the details and people that come with putting on such a huge production. 

“It’s important to me that all the artists get a level of freedom that work with me across the board.That they get to add something to this process and that they get to be part of this with me because that’s really what I love and why I am doing it,” said Maa

Maa explains that in SKY|AIRE’s upcoming collection, we can expect to see really wearable garments. “Same tricks, but at a base level, something you can actually buy and wear,” said Maa. 

While we eagerly wait for SKYE|AIRE to hit the runway again, you can look at the upcoming pieces that the brand will showcase in the Spring DFW Show on their new website.

Maa expresses her gratitude towards DFW by explaining how they took a leap of faith in her in the past and she was glad to have the opportunity to debut her collection for SKYE|AIRE through DFW. Now we will see SKYE|AIRE hit the DFW runway again in May.  

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