Worth the Trip – Avon’s Club Wyndham Offers Private In-Room Chef Experiences

At the beginning of February, Club Wyndham Avon added yet another reason to visit the already exquisite property. The hotel recently partnered with the private chef booking platform, Take a Chef, to offer one complimentary night of in-room dining for anyone who books a stay at one of its magnificent presidential suites. The offer allows guests to arrange for local talent to come directly to the room, where chefs will cook custom meals for up to four diners. The team says the kitchens — complete with full cookware, a stovetop, an oven and a marble island with leather bar seats — were designed with the explicit intent of hosting these kinds of events. And while one night of feasting is on the house, guests can opt to continue the service throughout their stay.

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The experience is lavish indeed. Visitors can choose from various chefs who specialize in particular cuisines and will tailor menus around dietary restrictions and tastes. Meals can be built from sample menus, with many chefs able to accommodate more personalized requests from the ground up. Chefs arrive fully stocked and will cook multiple courses before leaving the kitchen cleaner than when they arrived. “I like being able to make people’s vacation dreams come true,” said Club Wyndham Avon general manager Derek Schmidt. While the service was only just recently added to Avon’s repertoire, it is also available for enjoyment at properties across the country, at locations like Atlanta, Las Vegas and Myrtle Beach.

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One of the participating chefs, Timothy Jordan, recently joined the program, though he’s been doing similar private dining with his own company, The Colorado Chef, for the better part of a decade. Jordan specializes in health-oriented meal prep and routinely sets up food for members of the Denver Nuggets and the Broncos. While his cooking for Take a Chef is not necessarily geared toward folks on a strict diet regimen, his dishes all display a knack for using organic and local produce. And while he offers plenty of menu staples, Jordan says he is happy to adjust things on the fly. “I go off people’s faces and how they respond to it,” he said with a smile. 

The Gorgonzola pesto-crusted filet  topped with whipped turnip, fire-roasted, green chili chutney, pickled onion and baby arugula — gives a good glimpse into Jordan’s upscale repertoire. The chef cut his teeth at spots like the Cherry Hills Country Club and the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek.

While wine and other drinks are not offered directly through the service, guests can coordinate with chefs for proper pairings to purchase separately.

Club Wyndham Avon is located at 75 Benchmark Rd., Avon. Reservations can be made here

Take a Chef can be booked here.

Timothy Jordan is found at The Colorado Chef.