Green Spaces Market in Denver Opens Up for Small Businesses

Green Spaces
Photo by Jas Kitterman

Set to launch with its grand opening on Saturday, April 1, Green Spaces Market in Denver will aim to provide a space for small businesses to thrive.

Jas Kitterman, Green spaces, RiNo
Photo by Jas Kitterman

Located in the heart of RiNo, Green Spaces is a co-working space that is set to launch a marketplace within its walls with more than 20 local vendors and artists, all focusing on changing how we look at commercial spaces. 303 Magazine met up with founder and CEO, Jevon Taylor to dive deeper into what this space really means for small businesses in the Mile High City

Jevon Taylor, green spaces, green spaces market
Photo By Jas Kitterman

So What is Green Spaces?

Picture this day: you wake up and go get coffee before doing some work with friends at a co-working office. Afterward, you go shopping and grab a drink while looking at local art, then take professional-caliber photographs for your social media. All before going to a community event. With Green Spaces, you can do all of this while staying in the same building. 

Green Spaces is a small business incubator, a co-working space, an event space, an art gallery and features a cyclorama wall (CYC) for content creators and marketers. “I think it’s a unique model. I think it’s the future. We love these big vendors that are on our block, but 10 years from now, that kind of business model will slowly go away,” says Taylor. “People are looking for community spaces and to support small businesses. As small businesses continue to increase in number, they are looking for concepts like this.” And what a concept it is, connecting businesses and artists with the Denver community. 

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Photo By Jas Kitterman

Taylor founded Green Spaces on three pillars: sustainability, impact and culture. These pillars ring true in every aspect of the space. There are over 100 solar panels on the roof, they recycle and compost, plus many of the businesses are eco-friendly and focus on environmentally sustainable products.

Green Spaces originally started as a co-working space, but Taylor had an idea. He quickly noticed a lack of small and minority-owned businesses in the area. “I used to have a small business down the street, and one thing I always wished for was to bring a ladder with me,” says Taylor. “I wanted other people to be in these rooms too.”

Bringing the community up with him is what separates Taylor from some other businesses that just want to get ahead of everyone else. Taylor is committed to creating an eco-system where the people are connecting and collaborating across multiple communities, races and business sectors in one place with Green Spaces Market.

Meet Some Of The Vendors of Green Spaces Market

“My favorite part is the vendors we are able to have. Everyone has an incredible backstory and a journey to get to this point. We have a mix of veteran businesses and first-time owning a space-businesses,” says Taylor. 303 Magazine had the chance to meet with some of these vendors and hear their stories. 

Kimberlee Ward, Green Spaces, Eternal Balance Candles
Photo By Jas Kitterman

Meet Kimberlee Ward, the owner of Eternal Balance Candles. Ward creates each candle in an environmentally conscious way. The company started from Ward’s own struggles with mental health. After finding success through meditation with candles, she had an idea. 

“I decided I want to provide that same environment for other folks and really stress a brand of self-care and people being intentional about their headspace,” says Ward. “I wanted to come from that angle. So that’s what my Eternal Balance Candles brand is about.”

She never saw herself opening a brick-and-mortar store, until she met Taylor. “ I had a lot of doubts and limiting beliefs as a business owner, especially as a black woman, and one day Jevon asked me,” says Ward. “I remember I was crying my eyes out about how I wanted to leave my job. He asked me if I ever wanted to open a retail store. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if Jevon didn’t give me this opportunity.”

Anthony Tori, Green Spaces, Theo and Emelia, Theo and Emelia fragrances
Photo by Jas Kitterman

Anthony Tori is the founder of Theo and Amelia Fragrances, who has a new approach to the scents we wear on our bodies. All of Tori’s fragrances are inspired by his personal experiences and travels. Then using the science of functional fragrances, (more about that can be found here) they get to work to create a scent that invokes the imagery and feeling of being in there. “These days, the art of scent forms a crucial part of my daily routine and enriches my life immeasurably,” says Tori.

Almost 20 other vendors and artists call Green Spaces Market home, each with a story and product that you can’t help but fall in love with. By highlighting small businesses, Green Spaces is able to give exposure to these owners and their entrepreneurial journey — inspiring hope in themselves, their products and others aspiring to do the same.

The opening day party will have food and drink available, as well as a live DJ. Visit for more information.

Green Spaces is Denver’s newest multi-functional marketplace and is located at 2590 Walnut St. in RiNo.

All Photos by Jas Kitterman

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