Things to do in Denver this Month Based on Your Horoscope

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March 2023 is a major month–astrologically speaking. There are shifts being made by Mercury, Venus and Mars; but heavy-hitting outer planets Saturn and Pluto are also moving into new zodiac territories at the beginning and end of the month. And with Aries season coming up and all those new/full moons…it’s A LOT for your horoscope.

Good thing there are also plenty of events and other fun things going on in the Mile High City. Of course, deciding what to do and when can be tricky. So, here’s your list of things to do in Denver this March, based on your horoscope.

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Mercury coasts into Aries one day before your birthday season, supercharging your mental batteries. There are a few writing workshops this month that can help you hone your big ideas. Writers Blok on March 28, is an event that lets you put pen to paper before sharing your work with others. But if poetry is more your bag, check out Snap! Crackle! Poetry!, a morning poetry open mic event At Mutiny Information Cafe (March 12).


Venus, the planet of pleasure and self-indulgence, glides into your sign on March 16, but you don’t have to wait until then to enjoy yourself. Denver Restaurant Week (March 3-12), is your chance to channel your inner epicurean, and indulge in this city’s diverse food scene (multi- course meals start at $25!) If you can’t make that, then try Arts District Food Tour, a three-hour walking tour of unique grub stops in RiNo. It runs every weekend.


This month, you’re swamped with work to-dos and up to your nose in various social media projects. Suffice it to say you’re going to need some R&R and lots of laughs. Every Friday and Saturday this month, Denver Comedy Underground is hosting Top Secret Stand-Up Comedy. According to DCU, these shows feature some of the nation’s best comedians. There’s also free pizza and free first drinks. So, it’s kind of the perfect one-two punch.


Mars charges into Cancer on March 25, and this transit gives you a boost of energy and incentive to get moving. To avoid burnout and de-stress before this big day, check out Yoga at Denver Botanic Gardens, offering morning and evening yoga classes every week, so you can breathe, stretch and bliss out alongside the budding spring plants and florals all month long. The price per class is $10 for members and $12 for non-members.


With Spring on the horizon (March 20 is the equinox), you are itching to get out of the Mile High City, but not that interested in venturing too far. One option is to satisfy your hankering for travel with a hike. As this article from SwitchBack Travel notes, there are plenty of hiking trails and expansive parks both near and far enough from the city to make a day trip feel like a weekend away.

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There’s a full moon in your sign on March 7, so you should consider getting some spiritual tools. Visit Confía Collective, a bespoke shop on Pearl St., and treat yourself to some crystals, oracle cards, candles, journals–whatever you need to get your vibes right before and after the full moon. Bonus: Confia has workshops every weekend. And this month, they have a mala-making, breathwork and new moon ceremony.


As the zodiac’s premiere admirer of all things beautiful and balanced, it is a no-brainer for you to see a few art shows this month. Most notable is Month of Photography Denver, which features exhibitions, talks, tours and events about the art of photography. It’s an every-other- year event that runs from March 1-31 and showcases works by artists from all over, but most especially from Colorado. Participating spaces include art centers, galleries and more.


With Pluto (your ruling planet), plunging into the home/foundations area of your chart, you can expect some sweeping transformations related to your family and work life. You can also expect your interest in UFOs, Astrology and anything “out there” to increase tenfold. If you haven’t already, head to DIA. There are plenty of conspiracy theories for you and your penetrative mind to examine and debunk. In fact, it should keep you occupied for days.

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The new moon on March 21 reignites your love life, so why not try speed dating? Throughout March, there are many speed dating events downtown that gives you the opportunity to meet your match. And if you are LGBTQ and looking, Denver Cupid has your back with a few events this month.


Not much is going on for you cosmos-wise, but it is shaping up to be an active month for you at home. And speaking of home…Let Grandma’s House be your home away from home this month. The quaint craft brewery on Broadway is hosting BINGO night every Tuesday, pottery- painting on Fridays and foul-mouthed cross-stitch every Sunday. There’s practically something going on every night of the week!


Ever the space-lover, your desire to know more about the world ‘out there’ intensifies come March 23. Pluto, the planet of all things taboo, moves into your sign. It’s a good idea to gather as much knowledge about space as possible. See what the Denver Astrological Society is up to and see how you can connect with the cosmic.


Saturn storms into Pisces on March 7, moving you into a new cycle of growth, achievement and bossing up. Music is an obvious go-to when you need to unwind. Beginning March 7, Western Sky Bar and Taproom have TRL Tuesdays, a weekly event that lets you be the boss again by choosing music videos for the bar’s crowd. There’s also a selection of 30+ craft beers, making this event a must-add to your calendar.

Cosmic Cannibal is a Colorado-based astrologer and writer with 10 years of experience writing
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