Introducing: The 303 Music Vinyl Volume 5 — Featuring N3ptune, The Mañanas, Shae District, Kayla Marque + More

303 Magazine is excited to announce the 303 Music Vinyl Volume 5, available at a record store near you, and online, on May 6th.

The 303 Music Vinyl is a snapshot of Denver’s creative community. From the artwork, created by Nathan Sparks and Meow Wolf, to the featured artists — including N3ptune, The Mañanas, Shadow Work, Waxcat + many more — this project is as Denver as it gets.

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Our goal this year was to create a hyper-local project that captured the ethos of Denver’s music scene with authenticity in mind. It’s a project that exists outside of the digital world — a piece of art you can hold in your hand, spin on your record player or even hang on your wall. It’s a time capsule of Denver’s first official year in a post-pandemic world, showcased through our city’s most inspiring creatives. Of course, that starts with the artists.

Every artist featured on the 303 Music Vinyl Volume 5 is a force to be reckoned with. From Shae District’s sunny house aesthetics to Fruta Brutal’s modern take on traditional Latin music, the tracklist reads like a love letter to Denver. Hip-hop and Latin rock to R&B and electronic — there’s a little bit of everything.

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The hyper-local vision for this project extends beyond the featured musicians. That’s why 303 Magazine partnered with Meow Wolf and Nathan Sparks to create a special cover art that as bright as Denver’s multifaceted artistic community. Inspired by the surreal magic of Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station, Sparks designed the outer and interior cover as a sunny mountain scene featuring a Pikalope to characterize the colorful and vibrant music scene in Colorado.

303 Music Vinyl Volume 5

303 Magazine and Meow Wolf share the same artistic vision at our core: to support Denver’s creative community at every level. In a lot of ways, that starts with supporting the next generation of musicians. After all, they are the future — literally. Enter, our beneficiary for the 303 Music Vinyl Volume 5: Youth on Record.

This year, 30% of the project’s proceeds will be donated to YOR to support their mission of empowering Denver’s youth to explore their creative potential through musical education and creative programs.

“Youth on Record is thrilled to be partnering once again with 303 Magazine to release 2023’s 303 Music Vinyl,” YOR’s Visibility Manager Haley Witt said. “We’re proud to champion and uplift this incredible selection of some of Colorado’s most talented artists. Every record purchased supports free music education programming for young creatives ages 11-24.”

Stay tuned for a special release-day party and pre-sale link, coming soon!

Special thanks to our sponsors, Number 38, Volo Sports and Meow Wolf for believing in our vision. This project wouldn’t exist without you.

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