Denver’s Own Hydrate IV Bar Opens its 10th Location in Highlands Ranch

Hydrate IV Bar Highlands Ranch

Need to cure a hangover? Feeling sick or run down? Need a boost of energy? Where most would have popped an Advil or grabbed a Gatorade, now a growing number of people are ordering themselves a nutrient cocktail from places like Hydrate IV Bar.

Hydrate IV Bar, an IV therapy spa, has made getting stuck with a needle or getting an IV to look cool. What most dread at the doctor’s office or at the hospital is now a voluntary feel-good service people pay $100+ for an IV drip therapy. 

Founded in 2016, its first location opened in Denver in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood. The popular wellness franchise now celebrates the opening of the brand’s 10th location (sixth in Colorado) in Highlands Ranch on Feb. 11, 2023

Hydrate IV Bar in Highlands Ranch
Inside the Hydrate IV Bar in Highlands Ranch. Photo provided by Hydrate IV Bar

The company’s creator, Katie Wafer was a former Denver Broncos cheerleader and medical sales professional who found herself struggling to maintain her always-on-the-go energy level. After visiting other IV clinics, she decided to open the first Hydrate IV Bar in Denver, with the intention of creating more of a spa than a clinic. 

IV therapy is used by a variety of people as part of an overall wellness routine to maintain health, boost immunity and maintain athletic performance. The treatments are meant to expedite the delivery of fluids, vitamins, and nutrients to the body, by bypassing the digestive system and infusing them directly into the bloodstream. The absorption rate is 100% and immediate vs. taking supplements that oftentimes have a very low absorption rate. The IVs can also be customized to address athletic performance, skin aging, jetlag, and fatigue, as well as to boost immunity and reduce the duration of a cold or flu.  

The cozy spa atmosphere at Hydrate in Highlands Ranch offers a quiet place to relax with 10 plush recliners, warm blankets, soothing music and visuals so you can relax while receiving the services. And while the vibe may feel more laid back, their approach is not. Backed by a doctor, employed by registered nurses and an owner who has spent most of her career in the medical field, they take serious care in what they are administering to their customers.

Hydrate IV Bar
Cozy up with your IV drip. Photo provided by Hydrate IV Bar

Health and wellness have always been important to Highlands Ranch franchise owner Jessica Hackney. She has spent most of her career as a Pediatric ICU and Cardiac ICU Nurse. After more than 15 years working in hospitals as a Registered Nurse, Jessica was introduced to Hydrate IV Bar and has now become the company’s newest franchise owner.

“I knew I wanted to dive deeper into health and wellness but did not know exactly how until I experienced Hydrate IV Bar. I was hooked after my first IV drip and wanted everyone to experience the rejuvenation and benefits that I did,” said Hackney. 

Hydrate IV Bar
Jessica Hackney, the owner of Hydrate IV Bar in Highlands Ranch. Photo provided by Hydrate IV Bar

Choose your cocktail concoction from their well-rounded menu that helps with illness, wellness, recovery and beauty, ranging from injections to IVs. Most popular are the Myers Cocktail and Anti-aging IVs, plus the B12 shots. For those who plan to hook up on a monthly basis, they offer a monthly membership where clients can enjoy one IV, one b12 injection and members-only discounts each month for $139

Hydrate Highlands Ranch will open doors on February 11th and in honor of their opening day, they are offering a complimentary B12 shot and Hydrate merchandise with your IV service. Plus, for the Big Game on Sunday, receive 20% off services on February 12th and 13th. Come in for a Drip Date with a loved one on February 14th to receive complimentary injections or add-ons to your service. 

Hydrate IV Bar in Highlands Ranch is located at 9245 S Broadway Suite 600. Or visit them at their other locations in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood, Cherry Creek, Highlands, Boulder and Fort Collins.

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