GEO In Style Is Spreading Awareness to Georgian Designers

During the month of November GEO In Style hit the runway for Denver Fashion Week,  showcasing the amazing collection of Georgian designer, M.G. Megi Gabunia. GEO In Style is a business that works with very talented Georgian designers.

Entrepreneurs and owners of the company GEO In Style Nino Walton and Nia Neilson—are helping spread awareness of European fashion. The company started up in the midst of COVID during 2020 and has continued to grow ever since. 

The two business women met about 10 years ago in Colorado Springs. Walton and Neilson connected during their search for the Georgian community. 

The idea of GEO In Style began with Walton and Neilson wanting to wear their country’s designs. “We always wanted to buy and wear something from our own country and own designers to support local artists,” Said Neilson. 

The two were working towards the goal of spreading Georgian culture into Colorado fashion. “Now Georgian community has definitely grown in Colorado, but back then I would say at least there was just a handful, at least for what we knew” Says Neilson. 

Their name, “GEO in style”, is from the exact feedback that they received from their friends, “you’re so in style” says Neilson. 

As mentioned earlier, Walton and Neilson worked with designer M.G. Megi Gabunia during Denver Fashion Week where they showcased her collection. 

Looking at this collection speaks volumes on its own. With each and every individual piece having its own unique touch. 

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Throughout her collection you notice the dark color palette, creating a very chic look. On top of that, Megi is well-known for her talent in working with leather which is also shown throughout the collection. 

You can also notice that her collection is accompanied by unique accessories, making her collection stand out from other brands. 

Walton and Neilson also work closely with other designers; Boo Jewellery, Irine handmade, and Nootsa

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Walton and Neilson noticed that there was something missing in the fashion industry in Colorado and wanted to bring their culture’s fashion into the Denver fashion scene. “A lot of our friends started asking where we got these items,” said Neilson. This happened whenever they were wearing their culture’s designers in the United States. 

They then had the idea, “why don’t we start helping Georgia designers to expand their demographic” said Neilson. The two of them have started this empire that expands their culture’s fashion into a different country. 

They are building a pathway for Georgian designers to expand their demographic and give local Coloradans a new side to fashion. 

The two started by finding mutual connections to already established Georgian designers. The two were very careful when explaining this business idea to future designers they were planning on working with. They assured the designers that they would be working “strictly with Georgian designers that manufacture in Georgia”, said Neilson. 

This would encourage the designers to expand their horizons and share their culture in fashion with the United States while also eliminating any outsourcing from any other countries. 

The two show their passion and love for their culture through this company that is “dedicated to the Republic of Georgia”, said Neilson. 

They seek out designers who have very unique designs and are nothing like everyday wear. The designs “have to be Unique,” explained Walton. 

The designers they are working with are creating truly handmade items, explains Neilson. That being said these pieces are all very different from each other, “some come with imperfections” said Neilson. 

One of their long-term goals consists of reaching a bigger audience—with that comes more sizes and more custom-made pieces. In the long run, the two would like to start having custom items made and shipped from Georgia. 

Neilson and Walton rave about all of the designers they work with. One, in particular, the two talked about was M.G. Megi Gabunia. “She used to be working with leather shoes, she’s an expert in leather making,” said Walton. “All of her clothing has a high-quality leather element, something to describe this item comes from Georgia,” said Neilson. 

“Megi makes comfortable clothes to wear for everyday use but nice enough to be out and about” Said Walton. 

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“Her inspirations come from her own experience”. Megi is also partnered with the movie industry in Georgia and she is creating items for the cast of a movie that is taking place in the renaissance era, which includes a lot of leather gear as well.

Megi creates “very powerful statements almost like a warrior” said Neilson. Walton and Neilson also mentioned that Megi creates a lot of unisex items, along with another designer, Boo Jewellery. 

Boo Jewellery creates beautiful statement pieces. Their signature pieces are a lovely one sided ear piece. They also have these bracelets that are in connection to a ring. She was a designer who created non standard jewelry, explained Neilson. 

Boo Jewellery has had their items in TV shows in Spain, “her jewelry is making a statement on its own, the entire outfit is your earring” Said Neilson. 

The two explain that fashion is an everyday lifestyle in their culture. “We love fashion but we are not different from pretty much 90% of European women” Said Neilson. “It’s called here in the United States that you are a fashionista but we just call it a lifestyle” Said Neilson. 

Walton explains that everybody in Europe is very conscious about how they look and what they wear. “In university somebody could roll off the bed literally without even washing their face, this is unacceptable for our culture” Explains Neilson. 

Walton and Neilson noticed a gap in the Denver fashion industry and decided to bring something new to the scene. “We noticed a lack of unique fashion in the United States, and we wanted to bring something refreshing and new”

As a result of their company they are giving back to their community.. They are here to help their company continually grow and present Georgia in the most amazing ways that they can.

“Our business and passion is to bring awareness to Georgia, not the designers of the clothing or accessories” Said Neilson. This goes to show their passion and love for their culture. 

Support the Georgian community and show your love by checking out GEO in style

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