How To Make the Most Out of Your Eat+Drink Denver Pass

With Denver’s diverse and extensive culinary scene, many locals search for ways to make the most of the unique dining opportunities surrounding them. However, customers often lose the push to try new spots when the price of a good time is more than most are willing to spend. As ’23 begins, now is not the time to play it safe or resort back to all the same places you visited last week. Instead, the Eat+Drink Denver Pass is the perfect way to broaden your tastebuds and plan a date or night out with friends without breaking the bank.

Ghost Box Pizza is featured with Eat+Drink Denver Pass. Photo courtesy of Ghost Box Pizza via Facebook

The Eat+Drink Denver Pass is an exclusive program that collaborates with acclaimed neighborhood eateries, wine bars, breweries, distilleries and cocktail bars. Additionally, the pass accounts for excellent events for all to try including culinary lessons, axe throwing, neighborhood tours and paint and sips. Each partner creates exclusive and unique offers for Passholders, such as a 2-for-1 entrée deal, a 2-for-1 drink deal, a complimentary appetizer or a percentage off. Over 200 programs and more than $3,250 in annual savings are available, and new partners are added almost weekly.

Not only do these deals cover many businesses, but they feature Denver’s best. Jesse Truax, founder and CEO of the Eat+Drink Denver Pass, explains that his team ensures their Passholders have the best time possible, which is why they only partner with businesses with a Google rating of 4.2 or higher. “We thoroughly vet our partners, analyzing reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and OpenTable to make sure there are no red flags,” he said.

Ace Eat Serve is featured with Eat + Drink Denver Pass. Photo courtesy of Ace Eat Serve via Facebook

This pass is offered through a mobile app, offering two ways to discover local food and drink experiences. One page of the mobile app is a digital passbook, where users can scroll through all offers by category. It also features a map discovery tool, granting the ability to search for offers by location. Save your bucket list food and drink experiences with its “Favorites” tool.   

Once the pass is purchased, there are a few ways to get the most out of your experience. Users can recoup their investment with many offers (especially restaurant deals) in as little as one partner visit. Beyond this, a great way to make the most out of your investment is to organize evenings that include several activities. Start with axe throwing, follow with a drink at a brewery, wine bar or distillery and conclude the evening with a lovely dinner with one of its restaurant partners. Utilize the mapping tool to organize your evening and strategically limit driving or Uber use.

Humboldt Kitchen + Bar. Photo courtesy of Eat+Drink Denver Pass via Facebook

The Eat+Drink Denver Pass goes beyond just saving money and offers an incentive to visit places many residents still need to give a try. Truax recommends that Passholders use the pass to experience some of the incredible wines the Mile High offers. “One thing that many locals aren’t aware of is how much the Colorado wine industry has grown and matured. There are many great wines made right here in Colorado,” he explained. “Not only have we partnered with great Denver area wineries, but we have also partnered with wineries throughout the state, including the up-and-coming Grand Valley region in Palisade. The area is beautiful and the wineries are now winning national awards. We recommend that everyone plans a trip to Colorado wine country.”

Truax recognizes Denver’s greatness through its way of attracting people from all around the world. Most move here for many of the same reasons Truax and his wife did — the unending list of places to discover and explore. Like Truax, newbies can uncover our city’s greatest dining treasures with this pass

“My wife, Melissa, and I really look forward to our date nights. We’ve had many great experiences, but, unfortunately, we’ve also had some lackluster ones as well. There are so many great food and drink establishments in the Denver area. We wanted to use the Eat+Drink Denver Pass as a way to feature those businesses that have proven they can provide a great experience,” Truax concluded.

Jesse and Melissa Truax. Photo courtesy of Eat+Drink Denver Pass via Facebook.

The Eat+Drink Denver Pass retails for $39.99 per year and is good for a year from the date of purchase. New Passholders can get a pass for a limited time at just $19.99 when they use code SAVE50 at checkout. The average offer will save Passholders over $16, with some offers saving as much as $46.

Truax and his team are also accepting new Eat+Drink Denver Pass partners. “For our partners, there are no advertising costs. They will never pay us a single dollar. Our only requirements are that they create an exclusive offer that our Passholders can use once per year and maintain a Google rating of 4.2 or higher. It’s a great, no-risk marketing opportunity for our partners because the only time their offer will be used is when a Passholder is already visiting their establishment and making purchases,” he explained.

More information and purchase options for Eat+Drink Denver Pass can be found on its website.

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