Beyond Picket Fences Podcast is Challenging Perfection One Panel at a Time

Best known as a symbol of success, picket fences have long been desired as a representation of a perfect life. However, despite their beauty, they are rigid. They limit exploration and new perspectives. But a women-owned and led podcast, Beyond Picket Fences, seeks to open up the conversation and tear down these strict borders.

Beyond Picket Fences is a women’s empowerment brand and weekly podcast. Each week, the podcast recounts a new relatable, and encouraging story from everyday women. Authenticity is the core of the show, as these stories inspire more women to be courageous and tell their own narratives.

“This form of oral storytelling fosters a sense of community [in Denver] that is dependable, authentic and widespread while transcending generationally, culturally, and internationally,” says the podcast’s creators, Mandi Benecke and Naomi Marquez. Working within the Denver community, Beyond Picket Fences has also participated in community homelessness outreach and transportation assistance for voting.

In addition to broadcasting women’s stories, Beyond Picket Fences assists women in promoting their own personal and professional endeavors. The podcast offers both complimentary ad insertions and one-hour coaching sessions with one or both of the show’s creators. Benecke and Marquez, both with expertise in business promotion, leadership, and management, also take special care to connect guests with helpful resources. 

Listeners are also offered tools to thrive. For Benecke and Marquez, it is important that their audience gives back to themselves. Therefore, the podcast hosts a weekly meditation guide voiced by Reiki master and yoga instructor, Holly Kline. To enjoy the latest short-guided meditation, visit this link. 

Benecke and Marquez once longed for a perfect, picket fence life. However, after 20 years of friendship and transformative mental and physical health events, life proved to be less than perfect. “We realized that even if and when we found ourselves surrounded by the “picket fence” there was so much more to learn beyond that,” says Benecke and Marquez. 

To hear more about Benecke and Marquez’s stories, tune in to EPISODE #07: AUTOIMMUNE AWAKENING, MANDI’S STORY, and two-part episode EPISODE #09: SILENT TRAUMA, NAOMI’S STORY (PART 1 OF 2) and EPISODE #09 CONTINUED: SILENT TRAUMA, NAOMI’S STORY (PART 2 OF 2)


Through taking on taboo topics and illuminating the myth of perfection,  Beyond Picket Fences is taking down one picket fence panel at a time.

“We want to explore, learn and appreciate what lies Beyond Picket Fences for not only ourselves but for all in our community,” says Benecke and Marquez. “ We believe that through authentic storytelling, community, trust & vulnerability we can uplift and support women on their journey of self-love & healing.”

To hear more about Beyond Picket Fences, visit their website.