Adventurist Backpack Co. Has High Quality, Fashionable Bags and Partners with Feeding America

Photo by Priscilla Tran

As avid travelers and hikers, creators Kelly and Matilda Belknap saw a gap in the marketplace for fashionable, high quality and affordable backpacks. With this in mind, they decided to start their own brand Adventurist Backpack Co. — the name created to inspire those to take their own adventures. 

“We want people to feel like they’re getting a great value for the quality and the price that they’re paying,” Kelly said. “We also want them to have a sense of adventure when they see our products.”  

Photo by Priscilla Tran

In addition to receiving a high quality product, for every backpack sold they provide 25 meals to families in need across the U.S. through their partnership with Feeding America. This idea of giving back to the community was inspired by their backpacking adventures in South America and Europe where they had countless conversations with those in need. 

“We would go to the supermarket and start packing meals into our backpacks while we were out exploring because we figured that it’s the least we could do whenever we met with anyone who was in need, we would give them some food,” Kelly said.

Listening to the struggling stories from those around the world resonated with the couple deeply, so they decided to incorporate giving back into their business. Since Adventurist Backpack Co.’s launch four years ago, they have provided 220,000 meals to families across the country. Now, their goal is to provide 400,000 meals by the end of the year. 

The Belknap’s volunteering at Food Bank of the Rockies, photo by Adventurist Backpack Co.

Giving back to the community isn’t the only personal addition to Adventurist Backpack Co. Each product is designed and influenced by the classiness style of Scandinavia — modeled after Matilda’s hometown, Sweden.

“I’m from Sweden and we definitely incorporate the minimalist Scandinavian design in all of our products,” Matilda said. “A lot of it is about inspiring people and getting them outside, traveling and helping them go on an adventure.”

Photo by Priscilla Tran

The quality of each backpack, sling bag and cross body is made of 1,000 denier polyester which is water resistant and durable — perfect for any adventure. The backpack also features double sided padding inside for extra electronic protection.  

“We use materials meant to last a lifetime,” Kelly said. “We want our backpacks to hold up through anything which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products.” 

Photo by Rob Focht

As for coming up with new products, Kelly and Matilda said that they listen to feedback from customers while also channeling their own preferences. 

“All of those things that we add to our products are usually from our own needs and wants in combination with what people tell us they want,” Matilda said. 

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It’s because of the Belknap’s attention to detail that Adventurist Backpack Co. is receiving much deserved recognition. From sending backpacks to Google for their International Women’s Day events to HBO Max executive holiday gifts, it’s just the beginning for them.

“Additionally, this past winter we received a holiday order from Odenkirk Provissiero talent management, which sent backpacks to all of their clients as a holiday gift, to actors such as Jenna Fisher from The Office, Bob Odenkirk from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul and many others,” Kelly said. 

As the year progresses, they hope to get Adventurist Backpack Co. into national retailers like REI.

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