Ready-to-wear: What you missed Day Six of Denver Fashion Week

From vintage ski suits to holiday-themed underwear, night six brought us some stellar, ready-to-wear looks of much variety that left us in awe. Numerous visitors were pleased to view the latest trends from established and up-and-coming Denver designers at the Sports Castle, a Non-Plus Ultra Venue event. 

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The night featured looks from designers— Ironpulse, Rabbit Jax Clothing, Hoohah, Irani Ford, Shinesty, and Hot Pink Matter.


United through their motto ‘Be.All.In’, Ironpulse‘s looks that came down the runway were nothing but high energy and precision. Their clothing allows you to conquer in comfort while encouraging strength and creativity. “We designed our line to be the brand for entrepreneurs. We wanted to take a modern and stylish approach to athletic design. We coined the term visionwear, which allows us to invest back into our consumer group,” explained one of the brand’s founders Cameron Smith

Rabbitjax Clothing

Starting in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2017, Rabbitjax Clothing is rooted in the purchase of a $5 Goodwill sewing machine. Through the looks— designer Ray Howard– wanted to emphasize the concept of creating a ‘Rabbitjax Academy” – imagine a prep school but then go and make it a public school. It is not your typical school uniform couture look we have seen on runways before, “I am making sure it is shown that we are a very loving brand and that we continue to lead with the most authenticity as possible,” said Howard. 


As the melodies of Dolly Parton fillED the runway, Hoohah models and designs brought us back to the 70s. The array of looks presented to us featured every aspect of the 1970s electric fashion era we know and love. From ruffles to fringe, Hoohah designs hit all the marks, “our looks tonight follow the idea of ‘what would Dolly Parton wear on a ski vacation’, so anything from her being on the slopes to getting a hot chocolate in the town,” explained designer Teddy  Tedstrom

Irari Ford

The next look to take the runway was that of Denver native, Brandon Lee Rutherfords’, whose plethora of designs exuded luxury and sexy varieties. From high-end suits to hot pink athletic outfits, Irari Ford ensures comfortability in conjunction with richness. “We are taking the world by storm. It is all high-end designs that once you put them on, they speak for themselves,” explained Rutherford. 


If you were not already in the holiday mood from this evenings snowfall, Shinesty ensured you were feeling the festive energy of their brand. Their designs are mostly based around the holidays and their interactive runway definitely fits this theme (models reached into Santa sacks to through small gifts to the audience in their closing walks) definitely fit this theme. Chief Creative Officer, Allie Thielens Bell said, “our mission is to force the world to take itself less seriously.”

Hott Pink Matter

The name Hott Pink Matter is inspired by Frank Oceans’ beloved album ‘Pink Matter’, which audience members had the pleasure of hearing in harmony with looks coming down tonight’s runway. Designer, Audra Stachnik, presented us with several sophisticated and intimate looks. Rooted in sustainability, Stachnik produces all her looks through thrift/second-hand fabrics. “Tonight, the gold, neutral, and black color tones represent the fall collection. I usually do bright and bold colors, but I wanted to work on rounding out my repertoire,”  explained Stachnik.


The night was filled with beautiful fall and winter looks to accompany the perfect timed snowfall occurring outside the Sports Castle Walls. Audience members got to experience a unique variety of looks tonight that represented the true energy of Denver Fashion – from high-end ski suits to lux athleisure. To see more of Denver’s best looks, be sure to purchase your Denver Fashion Week tickets here

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco . See Day Six Step and Repeat, Gallery Photos and Street Style.

Gallery photos by Shelby Moeller.

Makeup Day 6:

Viktoria Melik

Kyle Hamilton

Nelly Hernandez

Joan Smith 

Jordyn Arielle

Hair Day 6:

Vickie B

Viktoria Melik

Nelly Hernandez

Jordyn Arielle

Joan Smith 

Rebecca Glover

Shoshanna Detrick

Jaylene Banning

Rachel DelCid

Gwen Gomez

Jax Gratton

Emmy Agustin