Meow Wolf’s First Ever Fashion Collection to Debut at Denver Fashion Week

Recognized in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2022 and 2020, Meow Wolf is a leading force in creativity. Through immersive, interactive experiences, the company transports audiences to fantastic realms and offers multidimensional exploration. In addition to art, Meow Wolf is dedicated to protecting the planet. Working to bring sustainability and style together, Meow Wolf will debut its first-ever fashion line at, what Forbes calls, “one of America’s fastest-growing fashion platforms” 

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After launching in 2012, DFW has united the Denver artistic community. The celebration is the city’s largest fashion event, bringing together an eclectic array of new and seasoned designers with local boutiques, hair stylists, make-up artists and models. Meow Wolf will join the lineup on Tuesday, November 15 at Sports Castle during DFW’s “Lifestyle” showcase.

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Maintaining themes of artistic expression and sustainability, designer Kate Major — wardrobe coordinator for the performers at Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station — has themed her debut collection around trash. The line uses entirely reused materials once destined for the landfill. Yet, Major has elevated them to art.

This sustainable collection is inspired by the trash masterpieces of Meow Wolf installations like Gremlin Symphony and the dystopian edge of C Street. Major’s line brings cosmic street fashions straight out of a futuristic fantasy film to the Denver runway. Many other looks from Meow Wolf’s rich multiverse of characters and worlds will be presented at DFW as well.

“As someone who tells the story of Convergence Station through fashion,” Major said, “I’m honored
to conjure the magic of Meow Wolf out of the exhibition and onto the runway.”

In addition to Meow Wolf’s first ever-runway segment by Kate Major, DFW day four will also showcase Icon Suit featuring pro football players Bradley Chubb, Kareem Jackson, Jonas Griffith and PJ Locke. Haven Collective, Glam it!, Fashion Curator, Kawessi and MDC STXDIO also take to the runway for a night of lifestyle apparel. Expect to see everything from intricate handmade clothing and accessories to everyday wear.

Visit the official Denver Fashion Week website for more information and purchase tickets for DFW Fall ’22 here